Our Picks of the Agent Provocateur Sale

The Agent Provocateur sale is a time of great excitement for many a lingerie blogger and lingerie addict. During an AP sale, you will find the majority of us counting the pennies and drooling over pretties at reduced prices. So we decided to make things a little easier for you and share our picks of the sale today. Some of these are more than half the price they were initially and as low as £30 for an AP bra – now that’s pretty awesome! It’s possible the Annoushka is on my list right now! Are any of these on your lists too?
And this is just a snippet of many of the goodies on offer today – make sure to pop over to the site to have a look for yourself.

Nicolle Body Black
Nicolle Body Black – £295 £145
Annoushka Bra Bordeaux
Annoushka Bra Bordeaux – £160 £80
Stone Big Brief Cream
Stone Big Brief Cream – £115 £55
Robyn Bra Black
Robyn Bra Black – £95 £45
Lucie Gown Coral/Pink
Lucie Gown Coral/Pink – £295 £150
Noemi Bra Black and Multi
Noemi Bra Black and Multi – £65 £30
Vera Corset Black
Vera Corset Black – £695 £345
Mazzy Bikini Bra Popstar
Mazzy Bikini Bra Popstar – £110 £40
Gloria Bra Red
Gloria Bra Red – £125 £60

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  1. June 24, 2016 / 3:42 pm

    The Lucie Gown and the Mazzy bikini are lovely picks! Great price for such sexy pieces.

  2. Darla
    April 6, 2017 / 11:47 pm

    Soooo.. I’m 14 and am still very confused on the whole bra thing. My sis took me to Victoria’s Secret and had one of the employees check my size, the employee who helped me told me I’m a 36D and when she saw how surprised i was (i was using a 36B when i walked in there so getting pushed up two sizes really shocked me) she told me it wasn’t about my breasts, it was the tissue around it that is why i have a D bra size. Can somebody explain? And is this really my right size?? Sorry about being so confused. I always just thought a bra was a bra.

    • admin
      April 18, 2017 / 5:13 pm

      Hi Darla! This post might really help you to understand bra sizes a bit better 🙂 A D cup just means that you have 4″ different between your underbust measurement and full bust – it’s not necessarily a “big” size at all. It might help you to try out this calculator too – don’t be surprised if it gives you a size that isn’t what you expected! I used to wear a 34D and went to a 28GG because I’d been wearing the wrong size for a long time without realising how a bra was supposed to fit. Let us know if you have any questions!

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