Restyle Wide Hips Matt Corset Review corset review

A couple of months ago, I stumbled across a corset I hadn’t seen before while browsing on Instagram: the “Wide Hips Matt” from From the looks of the pictures I was seeing, it seemed to have that super curvy shape I was looking for, with plenty of room around the hips and a really nipped in waist, as well as being underbust. I hopped over to the website quickly and was SO surprised to see that not only was it within my budget, it was well within my budget, at only €44.28, around £30. Even with postage added on (since it was coming from Poland), it was still under £40. As anyone who’s done a little research into corsets will know, the recommendation is not to go for a cheap corset – it’s more than likely that these will have been made to substandard quality. BUT, from what I was seeing, these corsets were apparently pretty good for the money. After debating in my head for a while, I decided I would just go for it, after all, it wasn’t a huge amount of money to throw away on a corset (especially considering that I’d be willing to spend £100+ on a corset that fits my shape well), and even so, I thought it would be good to review on the blog, even if it didn’t fit or was poor quality.
It wasn’t until I went to order though that I realised it was out of stock in pretty much every size and had a waiting list – I mean, that’s got to be a good sign, right? I added my email to that list and awaited the day the news arrived that it was back. Fortunately that wasn’t too long, and I soon had my very own corset on the way in a size 22 – my usual corset size.

restyle corset wide hips review restyle corset wide hips review

And, oh my goodness, it’s amazing!! It turns out that the previous stock of these corsets wasn’t designed with a waist tape, but this batch (and future ones, I’d imagine) is, so it’s got more strength around the waist and probably more pulling power than the previous ones.
You’ve had 3 corset reviews from me now (What Katie Did Laurie, Orchard Corset CS 426 short and Vollers Corsets Summer), and despite this being the cheapest of the three, it’s definitely the best fitting one for me, probably due to the fact that it’s the curviest and is an underbust. The reason I was so drawn to it though is because it reminds me very much of the What Katie Did Vamp that I managed to try on briefly in London in shape, with the super curvy hips. Upon inspection in real life, I’m sure the quality of the Restyle corset isn’t quite the same as the What Katie Did one, but you can’t deny that the shape and the fit is amazing.
For reference, I’ve recently realised I have a short high waist that starts and ends (very quickly) very close to my rib cage. My underbust is usually around the same measurement as my waist, between 26.5 and 27.5 inches, and my full hips are around 38 inches. Due to the immediate projection of my hips from my waist, I need something that has a dramatic curve rather than a smooth one, and this corset provides that really well. As I said, I bought the size 22, but now that I’ve broken it in, I’m quite near to closing it. I’ve heard that it may run a little big, so that might be why, so if you’re between sizes, it might be worth sizing down on this one. This picture shows my first try on before seasoning it, the pictures here are when it’s just seasoned, I wore it out first on this day (under clothing), and this is the most recent picture where it’s almost closed in the back. I could probably get away with a 20 in it, but since I don’t wear corsets every day, it’s probably not necessary for me.

restyle corset wide hips review
restyle corset wide hips reviewAs I mentioned, this corset has been properly seasoned and has also had a real outing into the real world – a first for me! What that means though is that I can comment on the comfort of it, and wow, does it come up tops on that front! The day in question was my nearly 2 year old cousin’s Christening which I also spend playing with my 4 year old cousin. This meant a lot of bending down, picking up children, running around and also eating – and the corset held up spectacularly. I was fully prepared to have to go and loosen the laces in the toilet at some point, but that point, amazingly, never came! I didn’t have it tightened to my fullest capacity, instead to where it was comfortable but still cinched, and I wore it with my Wonderbra Strapless Plunge. Surprisingly, the bra was the more uncomfortable thing which I wanted to take off at the end of the day! (Mostly because it’s at least a cup size too small now, but that’s a story for another day!).
As you can tell, I love this corset muchly and would fully recommend it for anyone who has a shape curvy enough, as I’ve heard not everyone can get away with it.
PS: The bra is my sneaky VS purchase – note how it doesn’t fit, but is still awesome! Review of that will come one day! corset review



  1. olena
    August 6, 2015 / 12:50 pm

    May I ask you a question? Which clothing you’re wearing with this kind of corset? Or it’s just a thing to play a bit? I’m asking because my hips are almost that curvy without corset (27 inches waist and 42 inches hips, and almost all that difference goes to ‘immediate projection’ of my hips (so they become that broad almost at the navel level, while when you look from side my buttocks are almost flat) and I’m pretty tired of looking for closes which fits there. Almost every design I’ve ever tried does not show that curvyness in a good way. It looks either bulky or sausage-like. Well, old-fashioned dresses with laced corsages and broad skirts on crinolines do look great, but no modern closes does. So when I’ve seen this post I’ve thought you may have some ideas of how to wear it.

    • admin
      August 8, 2015 / 7:47 am

      Hi Olena,
      Thanks for your question – it’s definitely a good one! I know that quite a few people who wear corsets do get their clothing tailored to size to fit their measurements better, but obviously that’s not an option for everybody and can probably be really expensive in the long run! Generally if I’m wanting clothes to fit my measurements (which are naturally pretty curvy, but not quite so much as you), I’ll look for things that have quite a lot of stretch in them. Another good option is to go for “fit and flare” dresses – the more 50s style ones which cinch in at the waist but are free flowing over the hips so that you have plenty of room for the hip projection but are still able to show off your waist.
      Another option is try a store that specialises in clothing like this – I’m not definite that there are ones out there for a big waist to hip difference, but I do know of ones such as Urkye, Biu Biu and Pepperberry that allow a large bust to waist difference, so maybe some of their styles cater for the waist to hips too? I’ll definitely keep an eye out for you though to see if I come across any that would suit you 🙂
      Hope this is a little helpful!

  2. Meredith
    October 3, 2015 / 8:24 pm

    Hello! Thanks for your review. I’m debating between ordering this corset in 22″ or 24″. Can you offer some advice? I’m looking for something I can stealth without spilling out of the top and bottom. Hips: 38″ High Hip: 36″ Waist: 28″ Underbust: 33″ Torso: 10″

    • admin
      October 4, 2015 / 9:37 am

      Hi Meredith – thanks for stopping by to comment 🙂 I’m not an expert in corset sizing, but I think for your measurements I’d go for a 24, mostly as your underbust is slightly larger than mine (mine measures about 27″) and you mentioned you didn’t want spilling over the top – the 22 may cause a little spilling or a slight V shape to the back I think. But I do think if you’d prefer a tighter fit on the waist, you could definitely also manage a 22, so it’s probably a matter of preference on that one. Hope that helps a little!

      • Meredith
        October 4, 2015 / 7:25 pm

        Thank you! My weight has been slowly dropping lately, so I might need to get the 22″ in a few months, but at that price that’s no trouble. The Restyle support team were saying I should get a 20″ or 22″, and that just didn’t sound right. Thanks again for your help and your lovely review. Hopefully this is finally the OTR corset for me!

  3. September 24, 2017 / 2:57 am

    Goood post. I learn something new and challenging on blogs I stumbleupon everyday.
    It’s always helpful to read cohtent from other authors and usee something from their sites.

  4. Bethany
    December 1, 2017 / 5:27 am

    I can fully contest to the quality of these corsets. I got one when they were made without the waist tape. I rigorously wore it everyday for about a year or so. I then traded it for a 20″ with the waist tape and it has stood up just as well. I also own the over bust which is outrageously comfortable, is just as good quality. I have not heard half the amount of good things about What Katie Did as I have heard about the Restyle corset. They have many wide hip and CU corset options now. They have more curved ribs, the CU ones. Most people never buy a other OTR Corset after trying a Restyle!

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