Review: Gossard French Fancy Plunge in 32B

I feel like the lingerie gods will be shouting down at me for this choice … Ok, so it was only available in a 32 band. OKAY so that effectively meant I had to get it in the wrong size.

You know what I have to say to that?


And yes, ok. That has also meant its had a grand total of two trips out of my underwear drawer since it arrived, but hey – some things must exist for beauty alone. Like Orlando Bloom.

Gossard French Fancy Non Padded Plunge Bra in 32B, from

Big Cup Little Cup(Stock image of bra – not exactly fitting the model well!)



Tres Jolie! … So we’ll start on the plus points. It is an absolutely gorgeous bra. The midnight blue with gold embellishments are just beautiful, and I particularly like it as it complements my pale skin. It makes it look like a starry night sky, except on your boobies. The frilly embellishments on the straps are lovely as well and a nice continuity as it continues along the band and underwiring, and the ‘almost bow’ (as Sian termed it!) is the perfect finishing touch. I think the absolute show-stopper about this bra is the lacy-type embroidery along the top half of the cups though – detailed, delicate, and a mini work of art. It looks as though the main part of the cups is made of a double-layer of the blue mesh fabric, and towards the top (the more detailed section) this is only one layer. Nice, as it gives you a bit of added modesty for the most part, and a translucent effect further up.

Big Cup Little CupBig Cup Little Cup


Oh la la! … 

The plunge effect of the cups is really flattering, and different to a lot of other styles as they meet in a deep ‘V’ (no gore?I don’t know, philosophically, what happens to the concept of a ‘gore’ in this case). It would be a lot more flattering if the bra fit me correctly, but since the cups are slightly too small, it does cut in and give me quite a dramatic quad-boob effect (especially when I breath out like I am doing in the photo!) Overall it’s a really comfortable and flattering shape – just such a shame it doesn’t fit me properly. It WOULD give me quite a nice, subtle shape, as the cups act to kind of ‘hold’ my boobs in an almost sack-like shape. I’ve explained that really badly though, but the effect is nice; I promise! I think perhaps a better way to put it is that the main seam in the cup comes diagonally down in that ‘V’ shape – from just over a centimetre below the strap to the centre where cups meet. This could perhaps be why it gives the ‘sack hold’ impression I was talking about!


Big Cup Little Cup

Big Cup Little Cup


It’s also a soft-cup – my first ever soft-cup bra! It has served to dispel my own preconceptions of soft cups, in that I’ve always thought they would make me look flat chested. I assumed (as little cup) that I needed moulded / padded cups to give the impression of ‘something’ – but apparently I needn’t have feared all those years! Although it does take a bit of getting used to out and about. A bit more … chilly …



Quelle Surprise … So I’ve pretty much already explained this one – too big on the band (predictable), and too small on the cup. 32B is actually my arch-nemesis, being the very size I was wrongly fitted to up until November. It isn’t unbearable, but does give me the old quad-boobs, and doesn’t offer much support band-wise. Luckily the underwiring otherwise is really well designed and gives enough oomph by itself, but I would probably be best off in a 30C with this design.


Big Cup Little Cup


Merde! … It was never meant to be. It looks like the Gossard French Fancy only goes down to a 30D, only offering A, B and C cups starting in a 32 band. Why, Gossard?! Do ladies with smaller backs only have D+ boobs? I do believe I’m living proof otherwise … But they do go up to a 38G.

Big Cup Little CupBig Cup Little Cup




















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  1. Claire
    September 1, 2014 / 12:17 pm

    Thank you for this brilliant review. Just like you, I would love Gossard to make bras in a 30 C. I really like the look of their different lines.

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