Review: Marie Jo Charlize Push Up Bra in 32C

After the ridiculous weather we’ve been having the past week in the UK, I feel more than ready for a little bit of Spring in my life! So here’s a review of the lovely Marie Jo Charlize bra, thanks to UK Lingerie for providing it, to brighten things up.

Marie Jo are a brand that is known for quality and design, and the Charlize set is no exception. It is beautifully made and put together; this is a set that feels as though it could last a lifetime!

Shape & Appearance

The lovely Charlize is a peach toned nude with a brown lace overlay and some gorgeous detailing. It’s a true ‘push up’ bra in the way its constructed. There’s some pretty serious padding in the cups, which push you up into a a fairly close cleavage. Although, as you can see from the photos, it doesn’t give quite that pronounced a look on me! I do have difficulty with this style of push up bra; they generally don’t tend push together, as much as push up. I have made sure, though, to trial this particular bra on a few other friends, and it has given an incredible cleavage to all of them, without fail. Maybe it’s just me?!

There are some lovely details on this bra. Gold studs adorn the length of the straps, and there’s a subtle bow on the gore that also features a stud. It’s a clean, contemporary design that also looks classically feminine—and, in my opinion, perfect for Spring! The peach colour is very close to my skin tone, so it really shows off the lovely brown lace that covers the cups.

Sizing, Fit & Comfort

As this bra didn’t come in my usual size (30D), I sister-sized across to a 32C. This fit perfectly on the cups, and although the band had more stretch than I’m used to wearing, it didn’t cause me any discomfort. I do find that thinner bands, as on this style, tend to dig in a little throughout the day, but there was no problem with that here.

The volume of padding in this design is more than I would usually wear, and as my shape doesn’t lend itself to that pushed-together cleavage, I do find that, underneath clothes, I can look a little broader due to it. For that reason I’d always choose to wear this with a sweetheart or round necklines.

I should also mention the matching shorts, which have to be some of the most comfortable undies I’ve ever worn! These gorgeous briefs could not be further from the wedgie-warning zone: they provide great coverage, but look super flattering with the matching brown lace. They’re incredibly comfortable, fashioned from the same silky-smooth peach fabric as the bra.

The band of the bra fastens with 3 sets of 1 hook and eye, and the straps are semi-adjustable.

More great news on the Marie Jo Charlize set! The Push Up Bra is now discounted from £97.00 to £82.00 from UK Lingerie, and the matching shorts are now available for £40.00, from £54.00.


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