Royce Lingerie Candy Blossom Nursing Bra Review in grey marl: 32 G/GG/H

Royce Lingerie Candy Blossom Nursing Bra Review in grey marl: 32 G/GG/H

It’s funny to look at these photos – at the time we took them, I was 22 weeks pregnant and just starting to “feel” it. I remember seeing the photos once we took them off the camera and thinking: “Oh my goodness, I really do have a bump!” Well, now at 30 weeks, this little bump looks like nothing – I wonder what my opinion will be when I reach the last stages!

At 22 weeks, I’d rather rapidly gone from a 28GG pre-pregnancy to a 30H. Today, I’m still measuring and fitting into a similar size, but most comfortable in a 32GG or 32H, despite my ribcage actually still measuring between a 28 and 30 band – I think that this discomfort I’m starting to feel all over my body, plus the fact that a little somebody likes to press her feet into my ribcage, is causing me to up my band size somewhat. 
So when Royce offered me a couple of maternity and nursing bras to try at 22 weeks, I was happy to go straight for the 32 G/GG/H option – plenty of room for growth in the old ribcage, and luckily, I’m still finding it fits me now.
I’ve actually reviewed the Royce Blossom bra before, in a 32 E/F/FF, so it’s interesting to see the before and after comparison with that now. It’ll be even more interesting once I start breastfeeding to see if it still works for me or whether I’ll need a new size (which I suspect I might do!) then. I’ll try to either update this post then or write a new one with how it works for breastfeeding.

I was sent the Royce Candy Blossom nursing bra in grey marl (£32) to review.

Shape & Appearance

I know it’s not just me that appreciates the cosy, warm feel of grey marl. In fact, half my house is decorated in grey – the other half only isn’t as my husband says there’s a limit to how much grey you can have! Just the look of it is so comfortable and snuggly to me.

In terms of design and style, the Royce Candy Blossom bra is somewhat similar to a crop top rather than a structured bra. It’s entirely wire-free and made out of a soft and stretchy jersey fabric, ideal for a maternity and nursing bra that will see you through from late pregnancy into breastfeeding as it changes with your fluctuating size and shape. Despite it having less structure – ie. no wires and less cup seaming – than a normal bra, it still manages to have a good amount of uplift, plus your breast tissue being centred on your frame thanks to some very light side padding in the cups. This results in a natural but secured shape, thanks to a higher level of coverage.

The bra has two more unique features: the nursing clips at the bottom of the straps (which I just can’t help but fiddle with when I’m wearing nursing bras – it’s a bad habit!), and a drawstring at the centre of the cups, where the gore would be on a regular bra. You can see this drawn tighter in my previous review and here it’s left almost at its loosest. This is handy for creating a lower neckline when need be, and can also work to draw the top edge of the cup in for more variation in cup size if you’re finding it a little large earlier in pregnancy.

Size, fit & comfort

I’m wearing the Royce Candy Blossom nursing bra in a 32 G/GG/H here at 22 weeks pregnant. At the time, I was consistently wearing a 30H with the occasional 32GG – now, at 30 weeks, I’m more consistently wearing a 32H. I think this shows just how versatile the bra is – it’s covered me over two band sizes and two cups sizes so far, and I feel like I’ve still got a bit of room for movement in it.

This is all thanks to the stretch in the jersey fabric of the cups, the unique sizing system and the fact that it has a lot more hooks to fasten at the back than a regular bra. Here I’m wearing the bra on the middle hooks, but I’ve started to loosen this as my rib cage expands – and as baby’s little feet push their way into my ribs, especially when I’m sat down! It’s super handy to have this range of hooks as I imagine once baby is out of my body, my rib cage circumference will decrease somewhat (where my breast size will probably continue to increase when my milk comes in – eek!), so I can wear it on the tighter hooks then. (I’m kind of hoping my rib cage stays a teeny bit more expanded than my old 28 band size as 30 bands are, sadly, much more easily accessible!)

In terms of the sizing system, when I was a 28GG pre-pregnancy, the 32 E/F/FF fit me well on the tightest hooks (as 32FF is a sister size of 28GG). Again, this shows how versatile the bra is in sizing – it can fit up to 3 cup sizes (C/D/DD, E/F/FF and G/GG/H) and probably manages to work across 3 band sizes too. Based on the good fit I still get from it now, I think that I’ll manage to wear this bra in at least another cup size, but I think I’ll be struggling after a 32HH.

Comfort-wise, I absolutely adore this bra right now. I’m not feeling normal wired bras as much since my general discomfort levels in my body are a bit higher, so I’m feeling generally more irritated by anything on my body. This sits comfortably and the stretchy jersey is soft against my skin. I remember in my 32 E/F/FF version of this bra, I had a slight niggle with where the side padding sat against my breast tissue – while it does sit in a similar place in this larger size on me, I can see that it might be useful in terms of holding the structure of the bra in place when the clips are undone for feeding, but also in terms of holding breast pads in place. I’ll be interested to see how it fares then.

You can also purchase this bra from  (£15), Amazon (£30) & John Lewis (£32).

PS: The briefs here are the Neon Moon Grey Knickers – I was sent a set including these to review literally the week I found out I was pregnant, but my bra size changing so quickly meant I never got a chance to review it! Nevertheless, the knickers are super comfortable, magically match this bra, and even more magically, perhaps, still fit me – whoop! 


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