Shock Absorber Active D+ Flexi Wire Review 30F

Shock Absorber Active D+ Flexi Wire Review So today I have a Shock Absorber Active D+ Flexi Wire sports bra* to review, but there is something you should probably know about me: I don’t do exercise. I try, I promise I do! Charley and I have started doing pilates weekly (well, kind of weekly – I had an operation, she had an operation…sometimes it gets cancelled and we end up wandering around the centre very confused), but that’s currently about the extent of my exercise. So I’m not really the best person in the world to advise on sports bras for high impact sports, but it has had a couple of ‘proper’ tests too, all in the name of lingerie blogging.
For this bra, I ran. Yes, I, Sian Thomas, went for a run. Okay, I was kind of planning to start actually running, but that plan went in the bin when my face got sooo cold on that run that it nearly fell off.
And now, onto the review!

Shock Absorber Active D+ Flexi Wire Review

















Despite doing barely any exercise, I actually own two sports bras (you never know, I might need them both!) – the other is a Freya Soft Cup Sports Bra (which I reviewed on my blog here). I actually much prefer the appearance of the Shock Absorber one, despite the Freya one having pretty bright colours. I think the shape is a lot nicer and tidier looking if that makes sense. It does give a very flat shape from the side, as you can see, but that’s about right for a sports bra because it’s essentially just strapping them down.

It’s different to the Freya in that this one has wires – the flexi wires are there for additional support aside from the compression and really make a difference I think.

Shock Absorber Active D+ Flexi Wire Review

Sizing, fit and comfort

My Freya sports bra is a 28FF, but is a little tight (!) in the band, so I decided to go for this one in a 30F instead. The band on this is just about perfect – I’m on the loosest hook because it hasn’t had a lot of wear! Looking at these pictures, I’m thinking it may be a little too small in the cup, but I have grown around half to a full cup size recently, so if I were to get another, I would go for a 30FF, but it’s not small enough to be uncomfortable for me. It doesn’t *feel* small anyway, I’ve only noticed that from these pictures!

My favourite thing about this bra is the straps, which are very slightly padded and thicker meaning that they’re super comfortable! I really love wearing it for this reason! The band is nice and thick too, also really comfortable, with 3 sets of 3 hooks.

So, I’ve worn this for pilates a few times, and it certainly rises to the occasion there keeping astray breasts out of the face whilst upside and ‘doing the seal’ (Charley and I cannot do this without fits of giggles!). I’ve also worn it for around 6 or 7 sessions of the 30 Day Shred (which is as far as I got before my ribs with costochondritis started complaining) – I had no issues with it there at all – no rubbing, no bounce and no adjusting needed. And finally, the run. I ran up the lane and back again in it, around a mile in all (which I am very proud of, thank you very much!) and again, no rubbing, bounce or adjusting.

Overall, I’d definitely rate this sports bra well. It definitely comes above the Freya soft cup in my opinion in appearance, comfort and support.

Shock Absorber Active D+ Flexi Wire Review

The Shock Absorber Active D+ Flexi Wire is currently available in sizes 30-40 D-G, 32-38 GG-H and can be bought at various retailers, but I’d recommend Very where it is £25 or Isme for £25. You can also buy other Shock Absorber bras in a range of colours at Figleaves.




  1. katy
    January 23, 2014 / 9:26 pm

    Sian! I laughed my head off at that first paragraph!
    I am so shocked and proud you tried a run, not that I run, but I remember our cross country days, being sick and “losing” our trainers…
    Katy x

  2. January 23, 2014 / 9:36 pm

    Hiya! I have tried the similar style on and I can tell you it’s definitely not the best of SA’s offerings. I would recommend a sturdier model instead, I reviewed one of their best sports bras some time ago But the one you reviewed would definitely do when doing yoga, pilates etc. 🙂 Btw, are the products marked with stars gifted by brands/companies? Sorry, I’m a bit confused! So far digging your blog and looking forward to how it will turn out over time 🙂

    • admin
      January 24, 2014 / 9:03 am

      Hi Sophie! Thanks for your comment 🙂 I haven’t tried any other of the Shock Absorbers (not sure I need to with the amount of exercise I do!), so at the moment, this is good for me, but thanks for the recommendation!
      And yes, the products marked with * or c/o are gifted 🙂 It’s set out in our disclaimer here:
      Really glad you’re enjoying the blog so far, hope to see you back again soon!

  3. Lisa
    January 17, 2015 / 9:02 pm

    Well I’m surprised and confused – I tried this bra in a 34F and 32G and neither were any good – I only had to wiggle and my boobs bounced all over the place – no support/bounce control at all. Both sizes seemed to fit perfectly in the cup too so that’s not the problem.
    My back measures 33inches and my bust and F to H depending on the brand. I really need a supportive sports bra so I can go jogging and I was thinking of trying the Freya sports bra but now you’ve said this one is better I don’t know ;(((

    • admin
      January 18, 2015 / 5:55 pm

      Hi Lisa,

      Ah no, that’s a shame it didn’t work for you! The Freya sports bra might work for you – different bras work better for different breasts and yours may be a completely different shape to mine. The Panache sports bra is also very good if you need another recommendation, and we should have a review coming up on that one too soon (from both a Big Cup and Little Cup point of view).
      Hope you find one that suits you soon!

      Sian xx

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