String bikinis for summer holidays

We all want our very own perfect, itsy bitsy, teenie weenie, yellow polka-dot bikini for summer!

Ok, maybe not everybody wants the yellow and polka-dot, but string bikinis are a staple every summer! Popular since the 1990s, these beauties are the best choice for summer breaks where you’re looking to catch some rays.

Find out what to look out for when deciding on the perfect string bikini for you this summer.

String bikinis

Look out for side ties

String bikinis that tie at the side are super useful for tanning. We’re totally body positive here at Big Cup Little Cup and would always advise a good dollop of confidence on the beach—but unless you’re at a ‘specialist’ seaside, sometimes it’s necessary to keep some skin covered!

String bikinis with side-ties can be easily tied and untied, leaving you with plenty of flexibility during tanning sessions. No more annoying pale thin strips for you!

Ask for support

Given the super skinny straps and bands that feature on these designs, the common downside of many string bikinis is a lack of support. In most lingerie and swimwear, support comes from a firm, secure band and thick, supportive straps.

Some people can get away with less support in their swimwear, particularly if you’re just planning to lounge on the beach! But if you’re planning on anything more strenuous, like a swim in the sea or jog on shore, you’re definitely going to need a little extra help in the cups. Similarly, if you’re a big cup searching for a string bikini—you’re going to need some support!

Look out for string bikinis with padded cups. Although they won’t give quite the same support as a thick band would, the padding will definitely help to keep you feeling secure. Whilst most bikinis provide at least a lining within the cups, there are also those that boast a thicker level of padding; essential for our gorgeous big cups looking for a string bikini look this summer!

String bikinis

Brief options

There are so many choices when it comes to the briefs of string bikinis. Let’s not lie, we’ve all been ogling the options on Love Island (well, we may say that, but Love Island might just be the one thing that Big and Little Cup disagree on when it comes to the remote control!)

Briefs can be super flattering or super unflattering, and it varies so much according to design and individual style. While one Brazilian cut can look absolutely fabulous, another might feel dreadful! It’s all about personal preference and rocking what you’ve got. And also, as we love to bang on about in this blog, weighing up the ‘wedgie effect’ of styles on your personally…

A standard style will give you more coverage, whereas a thong can feel a little more risqué at the beach, but looks fantastic! A Brazilian cut lies somewhere in between these two styles: slightly more coverage than a thong, but less than the standard. It’s a great choice if you’re wanting to maximise on your tan but feel a little self conscious in the thong style out in the sunshine. For our two-penneth, though, it’s the riskiest option in terms of the wedgie effect!!

Pick n Mix

One of the things we most love about string bikinis is their versatility. There’s something about the minimal fabric and string ties that make them the perfect bikini style to mix and match!

Don’t feel tied down (!) by matching sets. Most often, bikini tops and bottoms are sold separately, so it’s a great chance to express your personal style. Mix it up with contrast tops and bottoms; whether that’s two bold, blocks of colour, or patterned top with solid colour briefs. There are some that say you can draw attention to certain parts of your body by styling either the bikini top or briefs in a bolder colour or pattern, and that might be true…but we say that you’re ALL beautiful, ALL over!

Post in collaboration with Haute Flair.


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