Top tips on styling sheer lingerie

With the decline of cleavage as a trend in the lingerie world over the past few years, there has been less emphasis on bulking up and more on toning down when it comes to design. Sheer lingerie has become increasingly popular and accessible; with subtle, skin-flashing fabrics used in a variety of styles—more than just the traditional babydoll.

Find out more about how to perfect styling your sheer lingerie as part of your everyday bradrobe with our handy little how-to!

Tips on wearing sheer lingerie

Defy expectation

Traditionally, when you think ‘sheer lingerie’, your brain probably goes to something sexy and revealing first! Whilst we all love those pieces that are styled specifically for the boudoir, there are so many more options available these days that make sheer lingerie an achievable everyday staple.

Look to activewear inspired designs, such as this gorgeous crop top from our favourites over at Lara Intimates. The layered design gives more coverage, and the athletic look keeps things simple and stylish.

Keep it comfortable

One of the best parts of wearing sheer lingerie is the comfort factor; so don’t spoil the experience with elements that you may find uncomfortable. Most sheer lingerie is made from fabrics such as chiffon, nylon, mesh, or varieties of lace. These subtle materials are super lightweight and soft on the skin: keep an eye on the embellishments and fixtures of designs to make sure they don’t detract from your overall comfort.

Tips on wearing sheer lingerie

Think skin

Sheer lingerie works best when it’s elegant and effortless; think about what you most want to show off when it comes to these semi-translucent styles.

Your skin can be really shown off to its best advantage in sheer lingerie. Make sure that you’re picking a colour and tone of fabric that perfectly pairs with your particular skin tones. Play with contrast, or find the perfect nude with show off an embroidered embellishment.

Style with body art

When you’re styling semi-transparent lingerie, think about what you’re drawing attention to. Sheer lingerie can be seriously beautiful when you want to display some intimate body art, so if you have some gorgeous designs that are usually kept hidden – think about investing in sheer lingerie to truly show them off!

Tips on wearing sheer lingerie

Show it off & stay supported

It can be difficult to wear sheer lingerie as an everyday style: staying supported in these subtle, lightweight fabrics and ensuring nipple coverage can be a challenge. Make use of tip tape and stick-on nipple covers if necessary – these can be invaluable tools in your sheer lingerie support arsenal! Try to keep these helping hands invisible, so as not to detract from the overall look of your sheer lingerie.

There are also plenty of ways to give your sheer lingerie a subtle wink to the outside world. Using lingerie as part of a layered look can give a gorgeous overall impression: display a high or halter-neck whilst wearing a lower necked outer garment, or simply flash a strap from underneath a strapless top. You can even wear opaque lingerie under a sheer bodysuit as an evening outfit: contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t defeat the purpose of sheer lingerie, it can actually enhance it!

This is a collaborative post with Haute Flair.


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