Trend Alert: Lingerie Skirts

Every year brings new and exciting lingerie trends. In 2016 we were obsessed with the lace longline; bondage and strappy lingerie flooded the market a few years ago; and the bralette is an ongoing trend that will last for a few years to come, at least.

This year, we’ve noticed a new trend popping up more and more frequently on Instagram and from smaller designers the world round: the lingerie skirt.

While slips, underskirts and petticoats have been around a long time – in fact, underskirts were actually worn as underwear before briefs were even a thing! – we’re talking lingerie skirts that are there all for aesthetic rather than purpose. The ones that are attached to bodysuits, that flare out from suspender skirts, that frill from the bottom of knickers, that are long and sheer to layer over your favourite sets. They’re often highly impractical but oh-so-pretty, very ballet inspired. They’re worn to be seen, not to be hidden away under clothes, whether that’s a floor sweeping sheer maxi skirt or a thigh skimming tulle mini. They help to make up that ever-elusive “lingerie outfit”, layered with a bra and knickers or even a bodysuit to create a look that’s all your own rather than bought off the shelf.

We hope to see more and more of these becoming available to buy over the coming months, but here are our picks of lingerie skirts that are currently available on the market (I’ve tried not to duplicate from our ballet inspired lingerie post, but there’s a lot of crossover between the two trends!):





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