Valentine’s Day with F&F: Floral Babydoll & French Knickers Set

F&F Valentines Lingerie

Oh my gosh Tesco. You’re the best valentine EVER.

This turned up in the post. Slightly creepy (a card singed by both Florence AND Fred feels as though they’re trying to coerce me into some kind of perverted fashion ménage-a-trios); but hey, for those kind of Valentine treats – I’d be anybody’s. And any number of anybody’s.

When Tesco got in touch to see if I’d like anything for Valentine’s Day, it wasn’t long after my breast surgery. Thus, having excitedly clicked on the ‘peruse lingerie’ link – I immediately recoiled in horror at ALL THE UNDER-WIRING! Ouchies, me thought: no thank you.

Then I spotted the F&F Floral Babydoll and French Knickers Set* and thought a bit out of the box. Looks pretty Valentines-y, and certainly won’t hurt the injured breasticle. So that’s what I went for…

F&F Floral Valentines Set

On the website it does look pretty, but I didn’t agree with the ‘vintage inspired floral print’ wholeheartedly. To me, the photos of the print looked a bit bright and large – just not quite right for the vintage look. At least not me – a lover of actual vintage – and a bit of a snob of modern-recreated-vintage (because, guess what? It isn’t vintage! It’s the exact opposite of the name!).

F&F Floral Babydoll

But in the flesh it is gorgeous, and a lot more vintage (feeling) than the pictures show. There’s also some beautiful lace detailing along the neckline – just enough to not go overboard. All very subtle – all very lovely.

F&F Floral Babydoll & French Knicker

It also goes perfectly with my black Freya Deco underneath. Being the ‘little cup’ – I wouldn’t want to wear it without a bra, as it just makes me look non-existent chest-wise. Luckily I was already wearing my Freya when I tried it on, so incidentally discovered that they are the perfect combo! It doesn’t intrude on the overall look as the babydoll is black, and it sits at just the right spot below the neckline. The petal-like opening at the front is also really nicely designed – adds a little bit of sexy without trying too hard. To be honest, as a Valentine’s Day set this is right up my street: lingerie for the lazy lover. I don’t really ‘do’ Valentine’s Day (I won’t bore you all with the predictable ‘you should love each other EVERY day of the year, why do you need an excuse? Kind of clap-trap), and most certainly wouldn’t want the boyfriend get any sort of unreasonable kind of expectations for subsequent years, or even date-nights. This, I can justifiably term ‘fancy pyjamas’, and claim I have made no special effort at all. “Honestly dear, I know I usually wear a Kermit onesie to bed, but these are just normal pyjamas.”

The French knickers are cute too, and certainly add to the pyjama illusion of the lazy girlfriend. Although:

Big Cup Little Cup - Tesco review

INCIDENTAL DISCOVERY NUMBER 2: I already had this pair of knickers to match my Panache bra which goes really well with the set! So if you fancy a pair of knickers to go with the top – pick up these beauts.

I would advise, size-wise, to go small. I’m a 10 (most definitely a 10, thanks to my post-surgery-gorging) and the 8/10 fits me with plenty of room to spare. Especially on the bottom end (they’re elasticated, so should be fine) – but I would err on the side of smallness.

F&F Lingerie Review

The only thing I actively dislike about the set is the material – 100% polyester – which doesn’t feel very nice, or very sexy; kind of like it’s going to make you sweat easily with any kind of vigorous activity (not that I’m suggesting anyone is going to be partaking in any kind of vigorous activity on Valentine’s Day. Nudge-nudge-wink-wink). But to be fair – for £12 – there had to be one thing that fell short.

And there’s the winner: £12! It’s amazing value for a lovely set. And guys – a la our Gentlemen’s Christmas Guide to Gifting Lingerie – Tesco made it look a million dollars by wrapping it in tissue paper, adding some extra delectable treats, and putting it in a box. Never underestimate the power of packaging.

So there we have it: Valentine’s lingerie for the vintage-liking lazy lover on a budget. It’s the perfect, subtle, and tasteful addition to your amorous day, or a steal of a gift!

I, however, shall not be test-driving my teddy this year, as the boyfriend as spending the day with his boyfriends.

Yes, sometimes I do worry.

No matter. I’ll gate-crash Big Cup instead. I’m sure Benji won’t mind. I mean, if F&F can suggest such a thing …

F&F Valentines: Big Cup Little Cup



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