Viktor & Rolf x Aubade: Comfort Half Cup Bra 34G

You know when you see something for the first time, but you know immediately that you just have to own it? That’s what the Viktor & Rolf x Aubade collection was for me. Their initial imagery that was released last year completely took my breath away with their pretty signature bows combined with sheer mesh. It was very much my style and, even though I was pregnant at the time and didn’t know where my size would end up, I was willing to take that risk.

Viktor & Rolf x Aubade: Comfort Half Cup Bra 34G

I struggled to figure out where I could purchase the collection, but luckily Claudia May Lingerie put out some information about the sets including the fact that they would be taking preorders for them, so I jumped at the chance. So back in February, just a week before my due date, I put down my deposit on the set I wanted and waited with great anticipation for them to arrive so I could pay the rest and have the set in my hands.

Luckily those months flew by, all thanks to having a brand new tiny life to look after, and in mid-June, I received the email I’d been awaiting to say it was here and all they needed was my final payment. This is the first time I’ve ever preordered an item like this

I was provided with a blogger discount from Claudia May Lingerie when purchasing this set, but I was under no obligation to provide a review.

Viktor & Rolf x Aubade: Comfort Half Cup Bra 34G

Shape & Appearance

The Bow collection by Aubade is an extra special one comprising of 9 pieces in collaboration with fashion house Viktor & Rolf. Featuring Viktor & Rolf’s signature bows in laser cut embroidery set against a backdrop of striking “BonBon” candy pink sheer mesh and scalloped garlands of dots, with additional flat satin bows adorning the bra and briefs, this set is a total overload of cute and I love it. The bold pink colour is just as bright and fun in real life as it is on the screen, and the bows are just oh-so-cute.

Viktor & Rolf x Aubade: Comfort Half Cup Bra 34G

Here I’m wearing the Comfort Half Cup bra with the Brazilian brief in the BonBon colour scheme. This bra is designed for a fuller bust, from 30-40 bands and E-G cups, whereas the majority of the collection fits smaller cup sizes.

The half cup bra has a fairly low cut neckline across the breast with a single vertical seam. This cup gives an excellent pushed up shape on my full on top to even breast type with a wonderful “cakes on a plate” cleavage. The band is longer than a standard bra but not quite longline, and it has a thick band elastic around the bottom – this really appealed to me as it stands out from other bra designs.

The back of the bra is also beautifully designed, with straps that divide at the mid-shoulder to connect in two places on either side to the band. Not only does this feel really comfortable, but it also looks lovely. I love a well thought out back view design in lingerie as it shows how much has gone into the planning for a set like this.

The brief is standard of a Brazilian style with a bikini look at the front with the bow motif on tulle and a cheeky fit on pink satin at the back. To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure why I chose this style over the “St Tropez” style which is more a boyshort look as I know that I’m never all that comfortable wearing Brazilian briefs, but I do very much love the look of them.

Viktor & Rolf x Aubade: Comfort Half Cup Bra 34G

Size, Fit & Comfort

I chose the Comfort Half Cup bra specifically over the others in the collection for one big reason – it came in a 34G. I was unsure as to where my bra size might end up at the end of pregnancy, but I was also having to guess what might happen once my milk came in and I’d been breastfeeding for a few months already, plus I wanted the set to be able to somewhat fit me in future once I’ve stopped breastfeeding too. Yep, that’s a tall order!
So when I put in the order towards the end of pregnancy, I was wearing around a 34H. Pre-pregnancy, I was a 28GG. I figured that I was hardly going to end up being much smaller than a 34G cup, but my band size was likely to drop back down again. Unfortunately a G cup was the biggest the brand go, so I thought I’d better go with the 34G so that at the very least, the cups might fit but the band would be too big. And that seems to be just about right!
At 4 months postpartum, I’m currently wearing around a 32H most days, but I could quite likely comfortably fit a 30 band – so a 30HH would be my optimal size. Generally I’m quite happy in my 32 bands right now in terms of comfort though, plus I don’t want to invest in lots of varied sized nursing bras that I might only wear for a few more months.

Anyway! The 34G in this bra isn’t a perfect fit, but I didn’t expect it to be so it’s okay with me. The cups are a bit small and the band is a bit big, but for the occasional “ooh, pretty thing” wear that the bra is currently getting, it works. Sadly it can’t be much more than a pretty thing on me very occasionally right now as I’m exclusively breastfeeding (anyone have any tips on getting a expert bottle refuser to take anything except breast?!) and it definitely doesn’t work for that, and I’d be wary to wear it with the too small cups at the moment as the wires would be pressing on breast tissue and thus putting me at a higher risk of mastitis – something I’m very keen to avoid after hearing a lot about how horrible it can be!
I am slowly losing breast volume over time though as I continue to breastfeed. I was up to around a 32J when my milk came in and just put up with stretchy sleep style bras and, like I said, I’m now usually wearing a 32H comfortably. I think I’ve got further to drop, and hopefully I’ll be back to a similar-ish size to pre-pregnancy at some point, although I’m really hoping that I’ll be a bit more consistently a 30 band as those are definitely easier to get hold of! So my thought is that in future, I should be able to fit the cups of this bra a lot more comfortably, even if the band is a bit big!



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