What would you wear with…La Perla Neoprene Desire Shorts?

La Perla Neoprene Desire Shorts
La Perla Neoprene Desire Shorts

…Also known as the “Knickers of Dreams” – at least in my Big Cup book, as I’ve made the pick for this edition of “What would you wear with…?”! Knickers of dreams specifically because they are, well – look at them! They are dreamy! And because they’re also £480 – so not exactly something that will be joining my lingerie collection any time soon, but…I can dream right?!

But being high waisted and made of gorgeous embroidered stretch tulle, I can’t help but wonder how I would wear these. They’re not the kind of thing you just want to throw a pair of jeans and a jumper over, or at least I don’t – I’d want them somehow visible! I mean, I don’t know if I’m brave enough to actually go out wearing them on show, but that’s what this post is for, right? How I’d like to wear them but probably wouldn’t ever dare to do so!

Big Cup

La Perla
So last time we did one of these posts, I went for a very grey based muted look, and this time I have done so again too, despite the fact that I actually often wear bright colours! This time, however, I’ve gone for more of an evening outfit that you’d be more likely to wear on a night out. It mostly swayed that way because I was thinking of the sheer skirt to show off the briefs and building up around that – you couldn’t wear flat shoes with that! The metallics in the belt and sandals pull the look together for evening wear, I think. I went for a fairly basic bra from David Nieper in black lace to match with the briefs but not to outshine them. I did consider going all out sheer with the top too, but I thought that would either look like beachwear over a bikini or you’d be really chilly! Instead I picked out a bardot neckline jumper in metallic grey – I actually already own this one in burgundy so I know it can be worn both ways round, which is kind of awesome and gives you more outfit options.

Little Cup

So I spent a little while thinking of ways I could viably wear a £400+ pair of knickers. Ideally—on my head, so that everyone can see where the money went. Sian has come up with a very good option above, and I don’t just want to copy her with something sheer, so instead I let myself run WILD with my imaginary budget and create…the ultimate vintage lounge look!

(Just to note—I never look like this while ‘lounging’, but that’s the official term for such clothing, so I’m told.)


Betty’s Blue Loungewear Nell Robe and Rita Black Velvet TurbanLa Perla Neoprene Desire Shorts  | Bullet Bra Maitresse Nouveau from What Katie Did | Vintage 1940s Slippers from Willow Hilson Vintage via Etsy

I’ve gone superstar Vintage Hollywood glam here: it’s the dream, let’s be honest. And although, personally, I’m prone to a little more colour in my bradrobe, I simply could not resist the chance to include this incredible robe. I’ve had my beady little eyes on Betty Blue’s Loungewear for a while, and this seems the perfect chance to feature an item I can probably never, ever justify buying for myself: but isn’t it just the bomb?! To be honest, at this point, with this robe and those knickers—I was almost ready to hang up my styling hat. But then I thought…hmm…I wonder just how extravagant I could get with slippers? Pretty extravagant, it seems, thanks to vintage treasure trove available on Etsy. And once the slippers were found, it seemed one short step to ‘purchasing’ a turban—because we all secretly want an excuse to own one, and what better way to ‘lounge’? I’ll be honest, the bullet bra is an optional give-or-take, because with the gorgeous lace on the cups of the robe matching the lace on La Perla’s knickers, you don’t reeeeally need a bra; but it seemed to fun to not include!

And with that imaginary outfit weighing in at a humble £874, I’ll leave it there for now…

Christmas present, anyone…?

So what do you think of our outfit choices? How would you wear the La Perla Neoprene Desire Shorts?


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