What would you wear with…Tallulah Love Vintage Doll Longline Bra?

Tallulah Love Vintage Doll Longline Bra

We’ve decided to start up a new, super fun (hopefully!) feature on the blog: “What would you wear with…”. We love doing joint posts that show off how different brands, different cuts and same style bras work for our different body types (see our Ewa Michalak Syrena and Panache Sports reviews), but in the process of working on this blog, we’ve also discovered that sometimes we have quite differing tastes too, in fashion and in lingerie. The plan is for us to pick a set and show how each of us would wear it, and we’d love to know if you would style it a different way too in the comments! In fact, it would be awesome if people could suggest sets to us and we could show ideas of how we’d wear those too – maybe if you’re stuck on how you would wear something day to day.
Sometimes I’ll pick up any old underwear, the first piece that comes to hand when I’m stumbling through my wardrobe before work, and sometimes I’ll actually plan a whole outfit around the style of my lingerie, or I’ll choose lingerie that “works” under certain clothes (ie. a smooth T shirt bra for under tight clothes). So I (Sian) went first in picking out the set that we’re working around in this post – the Tallulah Love Vintage Doll Longline bra, spotted at Playful Promises. I tried to pick something that we could both wear size-wise, but kind of failed in choosing something that technically neither of us could wear in our usual sizes as this only starts at a 32 band! Nevertheless, remember my post on bra sizing recently?
So here’s a way I’d love to wear this set:

Big Cup

tallulah love longline outfit


As I can imagine you can tell, I went ballet inspired with my look! I picked this gorgeous longline set after being wowed by their designs in person at Moda (more on this to come!), and the fact that I’m a big fan of longlines in general (see my longline reviews here) as well as dusky pinks and greys. I started off with ideas of a giant tulle skirt to match the cashmere wrap cardigan I picked (remember, this is a dream outfit by the way, not actually one I have or could ever afford!), but decided to go a bit more down the sensible route of how I could wear this day to day. A longline is perfect with a jersey dress in this fit and flare style, as it cinches in down to the waist and is super comfortable. This is exactly the style of outfit I’d wear to work – comfortable but still showing off the sort of style I like to wear. You’ll mostly see me in ballet flats on a day to day basis, and with a casual ballet inspired outfit, I wouldn’t skip them here!

Little Cup

charley outfitDress: John Lewis | Earrings: People Tree | Shoes: Office | Jacket: People Tree | Tallulah Love Vintage Doll set

So the fashion thing is a new thing for me, unlike Sian! And I have to admit that I put this together with her watchful gaze over my shoulder — ‘is this right Sianio??’ I went for more of a shape / style fit for this bra. Incidentally, it was one of the ones we were looking at recently during our trip to the Moda exhibition in Birmingham. We spent aaaages at Tallulah Love, mainly admiring their gorgeous colours. What I love about this set, and what I wanted to highlight in the outfit to match, was the shape and style. I love a plunge bra under a sweetheart neckline (it adds a much needed ‘oomph’ for a little cup shape!), and although I know technically it’s probably not the done thing to wear a bra that shows underneath clothes, but I love the straps SO much on this style! They’re thick satin and look so sophisticated in that muted grey / purple. So I just had to pick a strappy style dress to show off those straps! As for the rest of the picks, I think I’m clearly in the mood for Spring already. It’s not warm enough for this dress just yet, but pair it with an oversized jacket and I reckon we can just about get away with it!


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