“If We Won the Lottery” Lingerie Wishlist

Doesn’t everyone have one of these? Okay, it may not necessarily be an entire lingerie wishlist for everyone, but we bet that if you’re reading this post, you’ve probably got at least one expensive lingerie item on yours. And yes, we should probably preface this list by saying that there are also a lot more things we’d be doing first too, including buying presents for friends and family, donating to various charities and doing a lot of calculating savings. But seriously, if we did win the lottery, there would definitely be some major lingerie splurges happening.

You know that we love to support small businesses, lingerie start ups and independent or ethical brands where we can. But sadly, being in our mid-20s and essentially still in the process of building our lives, we don’t always have the cash to splash on these. So when Lottoland, who are a site that allow you to try out different lotteries around the world, asked us to share what would be on our lingerie wishlists if we won it big, we couldn’t turn down the opportunity to do a bit of dreaming and pick out lovely lingerie from brands we couldn’t normally afford but dream after.

Let’s start with Big Cup:

lottery lingerie wishlist

We’ll work left to right, top to bottom.

First up, the Boudoir by D’Lish robe. Oh. My. Goodness. I can’t remember where I first saw these gorgeous robes, but I know I became obsessed with them straight away. They look so 1920s Hollywood Glam. I can just imagine swishing around the house in one of these for the rest of my life. Although I’d definitely need a much grander house to do so in. Not a problem if I’ve won the lottery! This burgundy one is silk chiffon and has marabou feathers along the trim, meaning it’s one of the more expensive options at $720. There are others that are half the price, but I had to go all out – I had won the imaginary lottery after all!

Then the La Perla Embroidered Leaves Lace triangle bra. For me as a Big Cup, this makes the lottery list because at £319 it would be a massively frivolous purchase since it isn’t made in a size anywhere near my own, but it’s so pretty. I love embroidered lace, especially in light pastel shades.

So if I really did win the lottery, the first brand I would go to is Angela Friedman – for me, that’s the name for luxury lingerie. I’ve tried to pick only one item from each brand here and this was a tough one, but I love this Dentelle slip that combines two different textures – stripes and lace – on sheer fabric.

Then I’ll take this whole set from Harlow & Fox, please and thank you. I’m cheating a little here on my single item per brand rule, but seriously, just look at the Eleanor Damson collection. My addiction to everything tap pants or French knickers is still ongoing, and I just think these look so elegant. Throw in a kimono robe, a bra that goes up to a G cup in a 30 band and eyelash lace, and I’m sold.

Everything white lace is catching my eye at the moment for one big reason: I’m getting married next year and on the lookout for bridal lingerie! This Odette French lace and silk robe by Girl and a Serious Dream caught my eye on Etsy recently and I can’t imagine getting ready in anything except this robe now.

And finally, I told you about the tap pants obsession! Sadly, they’re not an item that can be worn everyday, which is how I like to wear my favourite lingerie, so for me they’re a more extravagant purchase. These Silk Bow Keyhole Tap Pants by EvgeniaLingerie, also on Etsy, have been teasing me for ages. They continuously come up in my searches and I spy them in my favourites every so often. One day, one day!

Now over to Char and her Little Cup lottery lingerie wishlist:

This post is far too much of a temptation for Sian and I…I don’t know why we do it to ourselves!

My picks for this post centre around two things: manufacturing and style. If I were to win the lottery and could have my pic of ANY lingerie, a starting point would be choosing from brands and companies that manufacture their garments responsibly; pay workers a fair wage and source fabrics sustainably. Ethical lingerie does go hand in hand with a higher price tag given those factors, so I’m using this ‘dream world post’ as an opportunity to get my hangs on all those gorgeous pieces that I’d love to be able to afford!

It’s also an excuse for experimentation. I’m often one to go for fairly similar pieces that are tried and tested: that I know I’ll love, find comfortable, and wear often. I’d don’t like laying down a lot of money for something I might not wear…but then, we’ve just won the lottery. So all bets are off.

So my first piece has to be this incredible Strawberry Cake Set from Dottie’s Delights. I love the over-the-top vintage look here, and those incredible, vivacious colours. Even the name is a winner. The girdle skirt is the stand out piece in this set for me. Sheer bombshell territory. Manufactured in Chicago, the skirt in this set alone will set with back $130, and that’s before you even start to add up the rest of it…

Next up is something a little more genteel; or ‘delicately British’, as the brand likes to put it! Janay’s handmade pieces are absolutely stunning, and both Sian and I have tried and loved the cheaper end of the brand’s bamboo section. I’ve been lusting after their mainline for a while, and the Sonder bra with its stunning lace appliqués has to be my all time favourite. It’s like fairytale lingerie.

Who wears a bed jacket? Let’s be honest, even the most hardcore of lingerie lovers probably chill out on an evening wearing a hoodie (or am I alone in this?!). It’s a total lottery lust item to crave a silk bed jacket, and the Orla bed jacket from Ayten Gasson in its gorgeous autumnal colour scheme is my all time favourite.

What’s a lust list with a pair of tap pants? This Gina Almond Silk And Gold Lace pair from Gilda and Pearl are just the ultimate, right?! I love the colour scheme and the elegant pattern. This brand do subtle luxury to perfection, so why look elsewhere for the perfect pair of tap pants.

And finally, I’ve saved the best (/ most expensive!) till last. In the same vein as the bed jacket, I don’t imagine I’d ever actually get much use from one of these stunning, full length silk bedgowns, swanning around my rainy English cottage…but that doesn’t make me want one any less! The beautiful Vivienne Draped Back Gown from Harlow & Fox costs almost £400…but look at that colour! Look at that fabric! ‘Sea foam green silk’ never looked so good. With cup sizes starting from DD, this *technically* shouldn’t feature on my list, but I reckon I could just about get away with it. Besides, we’re dreaming here. And If I want to dream myself up a pair of double Ds to match this gown then I will!

This is a collaborative post.



  1. Susan Stephenson
    September 5, 2017 / 2:43 pm

    Even GGMa’s like nice lingerie. I go for Bella di Notte

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