All Undone Mai Bra & Shorts Review: 30D

(Just before we get serious here, can we all take a moment to appreciate Sian’s elegant drapery of some fantastic, sequinned coordinating material here?? This after minutes running around the house yelling ‘PROPS! We need matching PROPS!’…we’re such sensible, grown-ups. Not.) 

When the offer to review a couple of All Undone sets came in, it was one of those mad, excited email exchanges between Sian and I. It’s a company we’ve had our eyes on for a long time, for a number of reasons. First off their, their gorgeous, classic designs. And secondly, ever since we featured them as part of our ‘where to buy ethical lingerie‘ post, back on World Fairtrade day in 2016. It’s something that we’re pretty passionate about: promoting designers and companies that keep an eye on their sustainability as part of the fashion industry. We’ve learned that, sometimes, you might end up spending more money on less items of clothing, if you’re trying to shop responsibly. But what that does guarantee you is incredible quality, you get what you pay for: and this has never been more true than with our All Undone experience!

Keeping their manufacturing and their material sourcing close to home means that All Undone can guarantee you clear-conscience lingerie shopping: what’s better?!

Shape & Appearance

I was delighted to be sent the Mai set to review—it’s the one I’ve had my eye on for months, and it certainly lives up to expectation! The colours on the bra—an off-white, dusky rose, and pinkish nude, all combine to stunning effect. It’s incredibly simple and classic in design, and almost brings to mind a kind of retro look, but executed with clean, contemporary lines. It’s a real beaut. And the photographs on All Undone’s own website don’t, I think, show the colours off to their best advantage. There, they look slightly brighter and whiter than in real life, making the set appear almost more modern looking. Personally, I think we’ve captured the colours better in our photos!

The pink panel towards the top of the bra is real silk, and the quality just sings. The combinations of materials here are really beautifully laid out; with the silk panel, the slight mesh overlap along the top of the cups, and the soft white that makes up the rest. I’m not sure exactly what the white fabric is, but it feels beautifully soft, and of fantastic quality, just like the rest of it. The inside of the bra is lined with a nude cotton, which is fabulously comfortable against the skin.

The hardware on the bra is all a shiny, brassy gold colour, which sets of the pink of the silk panel to perfection. The straps are fully adjustable, and the band features three sets of two hooks and eyes.

What I really love about this bra is that it can be worn under almost anything. Basically a nude, but so much less boring!

Sizing, Fit & Comfort

Designed as an underwired balcony shape, this style provides the perfect fit for me.

Yes, read it again. I used the word. I actually used the word—PERFECT!

I often to struggle to find a style that doesn’t gape, even if only a little, towards the top of the cups. My ‘little cups’ tend toward the shallow end of the breast spectrum, also tending to be fuller below; because of this full cups tend to be too large, but balcony cups sometimes can look like I’m overspilling! This design, however, is just perfect (I said it again!) Exactly the right amount of coverage, with good support, and exactly the right fit in the cups. The wiring helps with this, I think, being slightly wider than I’ve experienced from other British brands.

The 30 band is another perfect from me! Not too tight (I’m not a fan of really being able to feel the band around my ribcage, since I don’t need all that much support from it), but a nice, secure fit.

I’ve probably made this clear in the details above, but this is probably the most comfortable fitting bra I have to date. Its almost a problem: as one of my ‘nicer’ sets, I want to save it for special wearing, but also it’s so comfy that its become my go-to bra!

I do love a good short, and the matching shorts are just as beautiful as the bra itself, with matching panels, fabrics and colours. They create a beautiful impression in combination. However, I would definitely recommend sizing up, if you’re between sizes. The fabric of the briefs (silk?) doesn’t have all that much stretch, although there is, of course, elastic around the top. I’m generally a size 10 on the bottom, but I think I would probably be happier in a size 12 of these, for a full day out and about. Also, just to lower the tone a bit, I do have to shout out that these are a bit of a wedgie alert! If you’ve got the kind of bum that seems to like to eat its knickers, you might want to opt for the brief, or go all out with the thong! It has to be said, though—no matter the wedgies, the shorts are the most beautiful of the three options.

To finish, I have to say that I would honestly buy this bra for myself. I wouldn’t often admit to splashing the cash on more high-end pieces (I am a Yorkshirewoman, after all!) but I will be coming back to All Undone  with my own wallet out in the future. It’s so rare to find simple, beautiful lingerie made responsibly, which fits to this standard, this comfortably.

My favourite bra I’ve ever reviewed? Seems like a bold statement—but I’m making it 😀


The All Undone Mai bra is available in sizes 28-34, DD-GG. You can buy it directly from All Undone for £79.
The All Undone Mai short is available in sizes XS to L. You can buy it directly from All Undone for £48.
There are also briefs, thong and a suspender belt available in the Mai collection at All Undone.

Don’t forget! It’s All Undone’s 4th birthday this month and we’ve got a special code to get you 20% off – use BigLittle20 at checkout until 31st October to receive your discount.


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  1. Dom
    October 20, 2017 / 1:31 pm

    Absolutely gorgeous bra, colours are so amazing.
    Fits you like a glove, could have been made to measure

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