Big & Little Cup Review: Wellfitting Red Liftsational Extra Deep Plunge – 30J & 32C

Wellfitting Liftsational Extra Deep Plunge review

Wellfitting Liftsational Extra Deep Plunge review

Back in August last year we reviewed the Wellfitting Liftsational longline demi as a “Big & Little Cup review” and you guys loved it! So today we’re bringing you another Wellfitting review, and this time the bra we’re both wearing is the Liftsational Extra Deep Plunge in red (but if you click here to buy through our referral link, you get 10% off!). We think this set might be perfect for those of you that like to celebrate Valentine’s with all things red, so enjoy this Valentine’s review!

The Liftsational Extra Deep Plunge in red is available to buy at Wellfitting in sizes 26 to 36, DD to O for $65. There is also a listing for the same style bra in a different size range: 38 to 50, A-H also $65. Or if you’d prefer less of a plunge, there’s that option too! And don’t forget: For 10% off, click through our referral link!

Big Cup

Wellfitting Liftsational Extra Deep Plunge review Wellfitting Liftsational Extra Deep Plunge review

I personally found that the sizing in my Liftsational longline was pretty much perfect for me, so I was happy to go with the exact same size again – the 30J. Wellfitting has their own sizing system that mixes English, American and Polish, so make sure to check out their calculator to get your suggested size – I found it worked quite well for me! The 30J is about equivalent to a UK 30G, but I find it to be closer in band tightness to a 28GG.

When we were offered a new set to review from Wellfitting, Char and I were both very keen to go for a plunge. Julia then mentioned their “extra deep plunges” and we were intrigued – these have an even lower gore than a regular plunge, around 0.5-1″ lower depending on the size and the outer edge of the cup ends a bit higher. Since I find it difficult to find a “true” plunge in my proper size, this was the one I knew I had to try. Often plunge bras in DD+ sizes don’t have a gore that’s truly low, so this was an unusual and exciting find for me as I massively favoured this style before being properly sized!
The reason why many fuller bust bras don’t have such a low gore however is because a lot of people find they get a large amount of spillage in the centre, especially if they have softer tissue or are particularly centre full. On the other, many fuller busted, centre heavy ladies would prefer a super low plunge as it gives them room for cleavage – and I’m one of these!
I do have very firm breast tissue so I don’t get the issue of spillage in the centre due to the low gore, but I am finding a little bit of digging at the edge of the cups as they’re a little bit on the shallow side for me. It also appears that the gore doesn’t quite lie flat, but again, that’s due to the shallow shape and the fact that the wires are very low at the front and don’t quite reach the top of the gore (to give it that super low plunge shape). I think the slight digging in might be solved by going up a cup size, which wouldn’t bother me in any other way, but the gore isn’t going to lie completely flat on me due to where the wires end at the front. I’d probably say that for even or full on top shapes, you’d be best going up a cup size in this bra to accommodate the shallower shape.

Wellfitting Liftsational Extra Deep Plunge review Wellfitting Liftsational Extra Deep Plunge review Wellfitting Liftsational Extra Deep Plunge review

The bra is otherwise a very good fit and aesthetically provides what I wanted from it. It’s a gorgeous vibrant shade of red with black contrasting ribbons, straps and trims on the elastic. The straps are fully adjustable and the band fastens with 3 rows of 2 hooks and eyes.

I went for the briefs in a size small (as I normally wear a size 10 UK). The fabric is the same silky and soft one as the bra with the matching black bows and trims. They’re a good fit and have a good amount of coverage from a short style brief, however I do have one small issue with them – the trim is slightly uncomfortable. It’s just slightly more rigid than most knicker elastics and I can feel it against my skin in a slightly itchy way, although not in an entirely distracting way – I forgot about it throughout most of the day so it can’t be that bad!

Little Cup

Wellfitting Liftsational Extra Deep Plunge review

How great is this for a Valentine pick?! Just enough to say Cupid, but wearable enough for every day.

I was really excited to try the Liftsational Extra Deep Plunge—ever on the quest to find something with just a little cleavage capability! Back when we reviewed our beloved Liftsational Longlines in jade (still very in love with that one!) I did find the band slightly tight. I wasn’t quite sure whether that was just because of the extra length in the longline, but I decided to try out the next band size up in this version, at a 32C. The good news is that I do find it to be a much more comfortable fit band-wise; just that bit more wearable for a full work day.

Wellfitting Liftsational Extra Deep Plunge review

If I had to choose again, I would probably size up a cup in this super plunge style. Although it does pack a good punch with the cleavage, it’s just on the small side, and does tend towards a little bit of quad-boobing! So it you are, like me, normally on the cusp between C and D in British sizing, for this style I’d certainly recommend going for the 32D for a perfectly smooth but supporting fit. What it does do, for shallow breast types, is ensure that there is absolutely no gaping. It’s a super close, smooth fit, and gives a really nice uplift, even on smaller cups! I’m seriously considering investing in a white/nude version of this bra in a 32D, as a bradrobe staple.

I do think this a great choice for you Valentine shoppers—definitely on the fun and frivolous side of the romantically styled options that are usually in abundance at this time of year. The red is a deliciously vibrant tone; one of those rare times when our photographs actually do justice to the actual colour of the set! It’s simply detailed, with just a few black satin bows, and a little detailing on the elastic.

Normally a size 10 in briefs, I opted for the size small here; they’re a really lovely fit, with a nice amount of coverage (unlike most of the briefs I’ve been getting on the British highstreet recently, which seem to be getting smaller all the time?!) Like Sian, I also found the knicker elastics a bit itchy. It was one of those moments during our photography sessions when we looked at each other at exactly the same time with exactly the same thought! But I’ve also chosen to wear them on many days, and although I do note a bit of discomfort to begin with, it’s not something that bothers me throughout the day.

With fully adjustable straps, the 32C also has four sets of two hooks and eyes. I’m currently on the loosest setting, so there’s plenty of life left in the band!

Wellfitting Liftsational Extra Deep Plunge review



  1. Dee
    February 1, 2017 / 2:23 pm

    You girls just make everything you and wear look amazing

  2. February 1, 2017 / 3:44 pm

    very nice and good article

  3. Lauren Reilly
    April 7, 2017 / 9:09 pm

    These are fantastic! The bows just make it for me! You two are absolutely adorable.

  4. May 5, 2017 / 1:19 pm

    I have no idea how I stumbled upon this website, but, I am enjoying it LoL! Oh, wait, actually… I typed in 36b into Google because that was my guess on a girl’s picture on MeetMe and this came up for some reason, I’m not sure what this site is all about, but good pics!

  5. YQ
    September 11, 2017 / 3:55 pm

    Ooh, Wellfitting looks like a promising brand. I think I’m a shallow as well. I technically measure at 28C but I may be one of those people who prefer a little more “wiggle room”, so I could do 30Bs. (I’m bony.) This brand doesn’t seem to do 30Bs but since the cups appear to run small, I might be able to do 30Cs! I would also love to be able to get one for my mom. (Once I get a new job and have saved enough, that is.)

    The green longline you had reviewed also looks like a good choice, but will those work in 30B? I didn’t see that size listed for that product. :/

    One more question–do the colors and seams of these bras show through tshirts, or no?


    • admin
      September 15, 2017 / 12:51 pm

      Hi YQ! I’m afraid I don’t think they currently offer the bra in a 30B but I’d definitely recommend dropping them an email to check – they’re really helpful and I wonder if they might actually be able to make specific sizes that they don’t stock. Always worth a try!
      I don’t find that the seams show through in T shirts, but in light colours, the red does show through a little as it’s quite bright.
      Hope that helps!

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