Curvy Kate Smoothie Prowl Review: 30D

Curvy Kate Smoothie Prowl Review 30D

And on for the little cup of our Curvy Kate offerings!

Last time I got a CK bra, it was very near the humble beginnings of Big Cup Little Cup, and got the Smoothie Blush in a 28D. It was when we were still figuring out my sizing, and although I *technically* measure in at a 28 band, in reality I find them far too tight. In this instance, the cups were also a little shallow for me. So I was super excited to try something in my proper size, since Sian has been a longstanding fan and reviewed so many of their beautiful brassieres over the past couple of years.

Curvy Kate Smoothie Prowl Review 30D Curvy Kate Smoothie Prowl Review 30D

Appearance and Shape

You can tell the Smoothie Prowl is part of the Autumn/Winter collection very easily. It’s a beautiful red, orange colour, with cranberry coloured lace and orange bow detailing. There are some small touches of animal print throughout the bra, and although I’m not usually a fan of leopard print look, there is just enough for a subtle touch of fun, without screaming HELLO I’M A LEOPARD.

(Having said this, all I want now is a leopard print bra which screams HELLO I’M A LEOPARD. Oh how easily I am swayed…)

The lace detailing stretches just over the lower corners of each cup, and it’s such a flattering addition. Also (cheeky tip) if you happen to be on of those girls who likes to use their bras as a storage solution (sometimes you just don’t want to carry a whole purse around with you!) these little lace details double as the perfect bra pockets. They are elasticy, so there’s no worry about stretching them out of shape, and the triangle shape will perfect fit: a five pound note; credit card; driving license; small mobile. Maybe not all in one go, but you can give it a try if you like.

Storage solutions to one side for nowit’s a moulded cup with a closed top shapethe closed top isn’t always ideal for me, as I’m slightly fuller on top than on bottom, but that really isn’t a problem in this design. It’s just enough for me to notice it, but not enough to get any unattractive quad-boobing going on. It gives a really nice, natural shape for me. Absolutely no cleavage going on (zero padding), so if that’s what you’re looking for then best go elsewhere, but the actual shape of the bra is really nice. I’d liken it more to a t-shirt bra more than anything else, and that’s what I like best to wear it under. It closes with three sets of hooks and eyes, and has fully adjustable straps.

Curvy Kate Smoothie Prowl Review 30D Curvy Kate Smoothie Prowl Review 30D Curvy Kate Smoothie Prowl Review 30D

Sizing, Fit, and Comfort

In the 30D, this bra is probably on the smaller end of the scale for me, which is unusual. As I’ve already said, I think this is probably due to the closed top shape. To look at, the shape is almost more pointed than other styles (although don’t go thinking Madonna. Nothing that dramatic.) But that does mean that the fit is almost more ‘styled’ than with other bras. I don’t know how best to put this, but I’ll try to liken it to a jelly mould. With the mould being the bra, and the jelly being the boobs. If you’ve got the right size, it’ll sort of fit around you. I’m really not explaining this well, becuase I bet now you’re just imagine a pottery style bra that just clamps around your chest. That’s not how it is at all. What I’m TRYING to say, is that the fit is good, and that I think the design is more flexible for different boob shapes than many others I’ve tried. Because of that, I reckon it’s a more versatile fit. PHEW.

I’ve addressed the sizing briefly above, but I’ll go into it a little more here. As I say, the 30D is on the smaller end of the spectrum, so if you’re at the top end of your size, consider a step up for a better fit. The best part of the fit for me is the band. It’s probably the most comfortable band I’ve ever encounteredmaybe due to elasticity, maybe because of materialI don’t know, but the comfort of the band means I can easily wear this bra for hours and hours without even noticing I have it on at all. And that’s saying a lot, given I just spent three travelling and wearing only bamboo yoga bras, which is basically the bra-world equivalent of a cotton onesie. YUM.

So I’ve already wandered into comfort, but let’s summarise: it’s a t-shirt bra feeling cotton onesie like comfort DREAM. And it’s become an absolutely staple of my bradrobe (new word coined by Sian in her last post. Love it. Let’s get it into the OED.) Comfort wise, for me, it’s pretty unbeatable at the moment unless you go for a bamboo, wireless yoga bra. To hammer home this point one more time, I’m currently travelling again, and it’s one of the three special bras chosen to come adventuring with me. The others were a strapless bra, and (you guessed it) a yoga bra.

So if you’re looking for something fun for autumn with max comfort and a natural looking fit, I say look no further!

The Smoothie Prowl is available in sizes 28-30 D-J, 32 D-HH, 34 D-H, 36 D-GG, 38 D-G for around £32 from various places including, Littlewoods, Bra Stop, Figleaves and Simply Be.


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