5 Lingerie Brands for People with Disabilites & Limited Mobility

There’s been a big call recently for more diversity in the lingerie industry. Our opinion is very strongly that lingerie, particularly beautiful lingerie, is for everyone, no matter what.

We’re starting to see more in roads for people who need a variety of sizes, with DD+ and sub-32 bands being far more available nowadays and plus sizes and older models shown more frequently in ads. In addition to this, models of diversity are being used more and more often, along with bloggers such as The Lingerie Addict and Comic Girls Need Bras representing women of colour in the blogosphere. There is still a huge need for this to be more common, but the foundations are now there.

We’re very aware that as fairly average sized, white young women living in the UK, our position in the industry is somewhat over represented, so we always want to try to represent others where we can. We’ve somehow managed to gain a position of influence in the lingerie industry, small though it may be, and we want to use that to the best of our ability where we can. The group of people we want to help represent today is those with disabilities and limited mobility.

While there are no restrictions on who can wear whatever lingerie they like, some people may find certain pieces more difficult to wear – for example, they may not be able to fasten hooks at the back of a bra or they may have problems removing knickers while seated in a wheelchair.

Fortunately there are brands out there that are catering to some specific needs for this group of people – not many, but those that do exist are really championing this cause.

Slick Chicks

Slick Chicks side fastening underwear for people with disabilities and limited mobility

Slick Chicks are a US brand that create adaptive underwear starting at just $22 (or lower if you order multiple pairs!). They have 3 different styles of underwear that fasten with hooks and eyes at the side: a standard bikini Brief shape, a Hipster style and a Tanga thong. The side fastening allows you to remove and put on the underwear without having to lift a foot – it can even be done in bed or while remaining seated in a wheelchair.

Slick Chicks side fastening underwear for people with disabilities and mobility issues Slick Chicks side fastening underwear for people with disabilities and mobility issues

Their goal is to give women back their independence, no matter what their circumstance. They understand that being able to change your own underwear alone shouldn’t have to be a challenge that people are facing, so these knickers aim to empower women. Having the option of different styles is a fantastic way to make the product appealable to people of varied tastes, particularly having a thong style.

Not only are the side fastenings a brilliant idea, but they also use moisture wicking fabric and 100% cotton lining, meaning they’re perfect for a higher level of activity as well as being comfortable. We love what they’re doing – check them out here.

Jasmine Stacey Collection

Jasmine Stacey lingerie for women with stomas Jasmine Stacey lingerie for women with stomas

Jasmine Stacey Collection is a UK based range of lingerie designed specifically for women with stoma bags, have scarring on their abdomens or are in need of additional support around their stomachs, while still looking and feeling amazing. Jasmine Stacey, the designer, has Crohns disease herself, and following surgery at the age of 20 which left her with a permanent ileostomy bag, she struggled to find lingerie that was as beautiful as she wore pre-surgery but that would work for her new needs – so she designed her own.

Jasmine Stacey lingerie for women with stomas Jasmine Stacey lingerie for women with stomas

The designs themselves would be stunning alone, but even better they provide coverage and support for those with stomas, colostomies, hernias and more where needed. The collection truly embraces female empowerment in lingerie with strappy bras and briefs, retro inspired deep suspender belts and classic sophisticated sets, with prices starting at just £20. You can shop this collection online here.


Amoena front fastening bra for women with arthritis and limited mobility Amoena front fastening zip bra for women with arthritis and limited mobility

Amoena is a UK based brand, but they also have US and AU stores as far as I can tell. They’re primarily known for designing and selling post-surgery and mastectomy bras and inserts. Their front fastening bra designs are also an option for those with limited mobility in their hands, fingers and wrists.

Amoena front fastening zip bra for women with arthritis and limited mobility

If you have arthritis or any other condition that means that you struggle to reach behind your back to fasten a bra, a front fastening bra is one solution, and Amoena have several options that are both both functional and lovely to wear too. As well as plain black, white and beige designs, they also have grey lace, orchid, blue python and more. In addition to this, they also offer a sports bra which zips at the front – this may be useful to those who find hooks and eyes tricky to fasten. See more from them here.

Wings Intimates

Wings Intimates side fastening underwear for people with disabilities and mobility issues Wings Intimates side fastening underwear for people with disabilities and mobility issues

Wings Intimates is another brand of side fastening underwear based in the US. These were thought up by a recent mother who had undergone a C-section and struggled to bend to put on her underwear so decided to come up with a better solution. Wings can be removed and put on discreetly and easily, even if you struggle to bend to reach down and loop underwear over your feet.

Wings Intimates side fastening underwear for people with disabilities and mobility issues

They describe a “Wings Woman” as someone who is self-aware and ambitious, soft and sensual, yet strong and raw. This ethos comes across strongly in their brand which combines pretty yet sexy lace, delicate stretch fabric, minimalist cuts, and functionality with their unique W shaped side fastening clips in gold hardware. They don’t just give people independence, they also give them confidence and allow them to experience gorgeous lingerie that’s far more accessible.

The styles are available as a thong, bikini and brazilian cut and start at just $26. Wings Intimates allows women to fly! Take a look at their collection here.

TOMgirl Apparel

Tomgirl Apparel velcro fastening bras for small band sizes Tomgirl Apparel velcro fastening bras for small band sizes

Finally we’ve got an Etsy store, TOMgirl Apparel. This company is based in California and designs bras that begin at 28 bands that fasten with velcro and elastic rather than hooks and eyes.

The bras are all wireless and adaptable to a range of sizes, but their major selling point is that the velcro is far easier for those with limited mobility in their fingers to fasten. The velcro is on a wide band and isn’t as fiddly as hooks and eyes.

In addition to this, these bras would be ideal for people who have chronic pain such as fibromyalgia or costochondritis thanks to the wide band around the ribs, the lack of a wire and the fact that they can be adjusted throughout the day to make them more comfortable. I personally haven’t tried these but have costochondritis, a condition that gives me painful joints on my ribcage and I can imagine these would work really well for that.

On top of that, the size range is pretty impressive, starting at a 26 band and going up to a G cup. Shop these bras here.

Before we go, let’s spotlight a few more superstars who are already talking about invisible illnesses, disabilities, limited mobility and lingerie, because there are some fantastic articles out there:

  • Kiss Me Deadly has just done a WHOLE series on invisible illnesses featuring models with fibromyalgia, MS, Aspergers and more.
  • Living with Bob wrote this post about her own experience of entering a lingerie store in an electric wheelchair.
  • The Lingerie Addict featured this interview of Catherine Clavering from Kiss Me Deadly about her disability and how it affects her wearing lingerie.

5 accessible lingerie brands for those with disabilities and limited mobility







  1. January 14, 2018 / 1:29 am

    This was a really great read, ladies! I have chronic pain, predominantly fibromyalgia, and mobility and discomfort wearing generic lingerie can certainly pose an issue for me. Thanks for the tips. Becky x

  2. Sophie
    January 14, 2018 / 8:59 pm

    Really useful, although I’m disappointed at the way none of the knickers are cotton (cotton lined is nowhere near good enough), so much of it looks itchy, and none of it would be comfortable if you’re largely bedbound. Personally I swear by this maternity bra, which is so stretchy all over you can even sleep in it. https://www.bravadodesigns.com/uk/products/body-silk-seamless-nursing-bra I haven’t been able to wear ordinary bras for years, they hurt like hell. The softcup ones are even worse in terms of feeling tight affords the band when you lie down and your ribcage expands.

    • admin
      January 14, 2018 / 9:18 pm

      Hi Sophie! Thank you for the recommendation of the Bravado maternity bra – it looks SO comfortable! We’re planning to follow up this post with at least one more (when I realised we were already reaching 1500 words on this one, I had to stop!), so that’s a fantastic one to feature in that post.
      I find the same that soft cup bras and non-wired ones actually hurt my ribcage more which is really interesting – I think for me it’s because the weight of my breasts isn’t being alleviated as much with soft cup bras, whereas underwires provide more support for me. Bras and bodies are strange things!

    • AEnn
      January 19, 2018 / 10:39 am

      Interesting point about cotton underwear. I have sensitive skin and various skin allergies. I want to clarify that I’ve never really thought of that as a disability, and indeed, it seems a minor issue compared to many of the things brought up in this article. However, I do modify my behavior based on this condition. For instance I carry a soap bar in my purse, because I’m allergic to liquid soaps, and liquid soap is what is provided in public restrooms.

      I do not buy matching underwear, but instead get plain cotton underwear because synthetic underwear gives me a rash. I’ve bought so many bras over the years, and never once has a company asked me why I’m not interested in the matching underwear. I wish they would, they could learn something about their customers by asking. It’s probably a niche market, prohibitively expensive, etc, but I really wish lingerie companies would consider making a pared-down, near-match underwear in cotton or bamboo. I would buy it, if the price were similar to the matched set! Maybe not for every bra, but for my special bras, I’d love to have a set.

      I am sure it would be a challenge for designers to come up with a similar look using completely different materials. I’m not holding my breath. But I think now it’s not so much a question of it being difficult as it is of lingerie brands being completely unaware of this need. (And this speaks of something more general to me – why are lingerie wearers never polled? Since so many of my requirements aren’t being met, I would be thrilled to have the opportunity to give input to brands.)

      For me it was nice to see that there’s someone else who needs cotton underwear. We are a demographic of at least two people!

  3. May 31, 2018 / 8:43 pm

    Loved those slick chicks, cannot believe that they can be found under $22. I feel like that the beauty and the fashion industry is not focused at all on people with any sorts of disabilities or limited mobilities and I think that should be changed. Thank you for sharing this with us, great discovery even for me.

  4. June 26, 2018 / 11:02 am

    This is a brilliant article on the different types of lingerie available for ladies with mobility issues. We opened our store nearly two years ago and almost immediately brought in front fastening bras for that very reason. You have me thinking now, which is great.

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