Nightwear Review: Bluebella Hallie Set

Something a little different today! I’m not sure how much I’ve gone on about this on the blog, or if it’s only Sian’s ear I’ve been bending in real life—but I’ve been on the hunt for YEARS (no exaggeration) for a nice pair of pyjamas. I’ve had quite a few stipulations for these pyjamas: they had to be nice, and sort of sexy—but in that sophisticated way of Marilyn Monroe; they had to be comfortable—not made of that kind of cheap imitation silk that can definitely make you sweat if you actually want to properly wear them as pyjamas all night in bed; they also had to be good value. There are plenty of options for gorgeous, luxury nightwear on the market. I’ve spent some serious time lusting after items from Betty Blue’s Loungewear, for example—but they always lie just outside of my price range, even for something I’m desperate for and willing to treat myself to! I’m ecstatic to announce though, after years of searching for the perfect pair of pyjamas, I finally found what I was looking for from Bluebella, in their Hallie Short and Cami set.

IMG_8301 IMG_8305 IMG_8291

So, as you can see, it ticks all the boxes I wanted ticking. Sophisticated look? You can’t tell from the photos, but it’s a satin fabric which feels absolutely gorgeous, and looks great. I also love the plunge neckline and open arms to the empire line: it goes just far enough to be a little suggestive, but covers just enough to legitimately wear in the house. Now I’m not suggesting you wear this to a family movie night, but you’re certainly not going to be gasped out for the kitchen if you need a glass of water.

The combination of the ivory and the black is a beautiful contrast, and the lace is tastefully placed. Overall I think the design of this set is just simple and perfect: someone got it just right.

In terms of sizing, I settled on a size 10, with just a little hesitation. Often, in pyjama sets that come with shorts, I do find the bottom end of the set a little tight. In this set I’ve had no such problem—perfect fit top and bottom. As 30D, I find the top a perfect fit, with just enough coverage over the breast area. We should definitely try it on Sian at some point though, to see if it manages to cover her! I reckon the whole set might take on a difference life with Sian in it 😉

And the comfort aspect? Perfect. Again. The fabric is beautifully soft, and there’s plenty of give in the elasticated waist and the empire line top. I hate to be uncomfortable while sleeping, and the only second thought I have about this set is that I don’t want to leave it crumpled! But I have determined to turn over a new leaf and wear this set as much as possible, as I do have a habit of getting really nice clothes / lingerie and then never wearing them because I don’t want to ruin them! So new leaf turned, and what’s a pyjama set for if not to get a little crumpled?
IMG_8293 IMG_8314

You can find the Hallie Cami and Short Set from Bluebella for £47.


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  1. Shazia
    April 9, 2016 / 10:11 am

    Liked this nightwear. Love the color & style.

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