A Non-Exhaustive Guide to Lingerie on Etsy

If you haven’t noticed already, Etsy is an absolute treasure trove for independent and handmade lingerie. Our “favourite shops” lists are absolutely packed with Etsy stores that sell beautiful undergarments, from the quirky and snazzy to the elegant and vintage. We love Etsy because it gives anyone the opportunity to make a bit of a name for themselves in lingerie, plus there’s a huge diversity in the types and styles or lingerie being made and the models who are used too, which is more difficult to find among mainstream brands. You can also check out reviews on store owners or individual pieces of lingerie too to make sure your purchase will be of good quality.
Instead of doing a big wishlist and gift guide of brands from all over the internet this Christmas, we decided we’d focus in on some of our favourite lingerie sellers on Etsy. Or maybe these are pieces you might consider buying with any Christmas money that you’re gifted this year!

As the title suggests, this is a completely non-exhaustive guide to lingerie on Etsy since there is so much gorgeous that we just couldn’t fit it all in one post, so we’re saving some for another day too – enjoy!

Sugar Lace Lingerie

Sugar Lace Lingerie Etsy

1. Sweet Tart Bodysuit Suit & Garter Belt Tutu | 2. Baby Blues Bralette | 3. Cactus Cutie Bodysuit

Sugar Lace Lingerie are the queens of cutesie, frilly, fluffy, pastel lingerie – it’s sweet and sickly, and I LOVE it. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea lingerie-wise, but it reminds me a lot of my Dottie’s Delights babydoll, and that’s a massive plus in my book.


ColieCo Etsy

1. Alexa Padded Soft Cup Bra | 2. Kelly Crop Top Bra & High Waisted Knickers | 3. Maria Soft Cup Bra & High Waisted Knickers

ColieCo are an ethical brand producing handcrafted eco-friendly lingerie by the sea in Portugal. Not only that, but their designs are fun, hand drafted, and often use quirky and cool fabrics.

Retro Folie

Retro Folie Corsets Etsy

1. Venus Rococo Corset | 2. The Swing Corset | 3. M16 Galaxy Nebula Corset

We love corsets, and these are truly the epitome of creative corsetry design – how fantastic is Retro Folie’s use of fabrics?! Life goal is to own one of these glorious creations!

Queen of Suburbia

Queen of Suburbia Etsy

1. Red Velvet Cupcake Longline & Hipster Style Briefs | 2. Roxy Sweetheart Bra & High Waisted Briefs | 3. Watercolour Tinsley High Neck Bra

Queen of Suburbia is another handmade lingerie store on Etsy run by the lovely blogger behind All’s Fair in Love and Lingerie. The designs are comfortable with a quirky edge – bold and unique prints decorate casual styles. She also offers custom sizing!

Egretta Garzetta

Egretta Garzetta Etsy

1. Floral High Style Panties | 2. Leopard Print Hipster Panties | 3. Floral Patterned Hipster Panties

Egretta Gazetta specialise in funky yet comfy underwear, particularly hipster and high waisted styles like above in fun fabrics. They strive for their underwear to be enjoyable and wearable, with every piece starting from the way the fabric works and building from there.


Knickerocker Etsy

1. Fox Face Panties | 2. Blue Cupcake Panties | 3. Black Cat Crop Top

Knickerocker’s super cute design took the underworld by storm – so much so that you’ve probably seen them copied everywhere sadly, but these are the originals and most definitely the most awesome! Their staple piece is the knickers and matching crop tops with animal faces and stick up ears, but they also have some other fun designs including cupcakes, rainbows and frills.

Effie Butterworth

Effie Butterworth Etsy

1. 1930s Style Silk Tap Pants | 2. 1960s Lady Marlene Longline Bra | 3. 1950s Corselette

Effie Butterworth is a treasure trove of authentic vintage lingerie and some new vintage-style handmade designs. And another bonus? She’s fairly local to us too!

Toru and Naoko

Toru and Naoko Etsy

1. Juana Pink Mesh Wrap Bra | 2. Margo Bordeaux Triangle Bra | 3. Amanda Bodysuit

Toru and Naoko is an independent lingerie label based out of Santiago, Chile. Their designs are modern and clean, inspired by vintage but with a new twist, layering mesh and straps in many of their pieces for a fun, fresh feel.

Keep an eye out for our next installment of our guide to lingerie on Etsy – we couldn’t possibly fit all our favourites in one post!



  1. Cæcilia
    January 6, 2017 / 5:32 pm

    Love this article, thanks a lot !

  2. C.
    January 11, 2017 / 9:00 pm

    Thanks for posting this article – I’m always struggling to navigate etsy, especially when it comes to lingerie, so I was really pleased to read this!
    If anyone here likes retro styles, have a look at ‘Pip and Pantalamion’ on etsy too https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/PipAndPantalaimon?ref=profile_shopicon
    I don’t know about the bras, but the girdles are great – comfy vintage style and much more affordable than a lot of similar items I’ve come across.
    I’m not advertising (not connected to the shop at all except as a customer once in a while!) just thought it might be of interest.

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