Sugar Candy Everyday Fuller Bust Bra Review – XS

Sugar Candy Everyday Bra Sizechart UK

Wow, it’s not often I get to title my review with XS for a bra!

Sugar Candy is the new fuller bust brand launched by Cake Lingerie, and it’s interesting because it’s their first non-maternity and nursing line. I’ve personally always been a fan of the Cake Lingerie aesthetic and the fact that they offer bras for maternity and nursing that are a little bit more fun and less “mumsy” than the usual, so I was thrilled to hear they were launching a new brand.

We were contacted by Sugar Candy a few months ago, but sadly Char couldn’t offer them a review as the sizes begin at around an F cup – I’m wearing the smallest size here! I was given the option of black or nude. I rarely wear beige unless it’s under something sheer or white (possibly from anxiety of my bradrobe becoming one of those much-feared all beige and lacey environments that fuller busts so despise!), and black is much more pairable with most of my other lingerie (like these Mimi Holliday lace knickers that I found in TK Maxx – win!!), so I went with black.

Sugar Candy Everyday Bra Sizechart UK

The Sugar Candy Everyday Fuller Bust seamless bra is available to buy from Sugar Candy’s website (and at Cake Lingerie) at £39.90 in sizes XS to XXL – these sizes equate to 30-34 F-HH, 36-38 F-H, 40 F-GG & 42 F-G. Take a look at the size chart above to figure out what size you would take. It is available in black and beige, as well as a pink in the nursing bra version.

Sugar Candy Everyday Bra Sizechart UK Sugar Candy Everyday Bra Sizechart UK Sugar Candy Everyday Bra Sizechart UK

Shape & Appearance

This bra clearly isn’t one for its looks – it’s designed to be comfortable and practical rather than pretty lingerie, but I wouldn’t say it looks half bad though. In fact, I quite like the crop top, sporty vibe it gives.

The Sugar Candy Everyday bra is full coverage, but with a dipped wide V neckline. It’s entirely wirefree, seamless and not padded meaning that it looks soft and smooth. For something that gives full coverage and good support, you’d expect it to look like body armour, but I think this bra is actually quite delicate on the body.

It has a wide underband of thick elastic which is printed with the “Cake” branding – on the black bra, this is very subtle and adds to the sporty aesthetic.

The cups are defined by a more ribbed texture to the fabric between the cups, underneath and to the side – the area where the bridge and gore of a bra would normally be. I believe this ribbed fabric, which is slightly stretchy but firmer than the cups, gives more support where a normal wired bra would have non-stretch fabric. The cups themselves are “moulded” out of a single piece of stretch fabric – I say “moulded” due to the fact that they’re seamless, but this doesn’t mean padded or using foam in any way.

The interior of the bra is where the magic lies – it has been engineered through considerable product testing that weighed up the real life struggles that fuller bust women experience daily to provide them with support while still looking good on the outside. It has a thick piece of smooth fabric, folded to give extra support, as a support in the lower part of the cup attached to the band, and a similar piece on either side of the cups. This material, which has a little give but is still sturdy, acts in place of the wire, providing a little extra support and uplift.

For me as a 28GG/30GG, the bra gives me a small amount of lift as well as pulling in breast tissue from the side to centre it more than a bralette without any under or side support would. It’s a very natural, quite projected, look but under clothes, doesn’t look all that different from wearing an unlined soft cup bra.

The bra has the huge option of 6 sets of eyes to fasten, with a normal 3 hook fastening. The straps are part adjustable but have the extra option of being detachable at the back, meaning it can be fastened crossback as well as with the straps in the usual position.

Sugar Candy Everyday Bra review - XS

Sugar Candy Everyday Bra Sizechart UK

Size, fit & comfort

For my 28GG/30G size, I chose the XS. I was hesitant to so as my bust has most certainly never been classed as an extra small, but in this brand, I guess it is! I did waver between the XS and S, but ultimately went for the XS as I tend to wear bralettes in sizes that are technically too small for me anyway and get away with them, so I thought there might be some room for movement here.

And it fits me pretty much perfectly I would say! The construction of the bra does allow for a little leeway of size, so there’s some stretch in the cups, and the number of eyes on the fastening means the back can stretch across several band sizes. I don’t experience any digging or gaping in the cups, but I do have an ever so dent in the sides where the interior side sling is – I have a fairly full shape all around, so I think that’s more to do with me than the sizing or construction and I think a S would have given me the same effect.

I do need to wear the band on usually the third set of eyes for it to fit me best, but I’ve also occasionally loosened it to the furthest set for more comfort. Given that I wear a 28 band normally, I’d say even though the size chart starts at a 30, I’d say you could definitely wear this is a 28 band and potentially a 26 band with the tighter hooks.

In terms of comfort while wearing, this is spot on. It’s primarily a bra for lounging around the house, designed to wear when you don’t need maximum support out and about, but still want something to keep your breasts up and lifted so they’re comfortable. The wide elastic underband is so comfortable – this is a feature that seems to be popular in a lot of bralettes right now and I really welcome that trend, but I often don’t get the cups to match. This has it all!

I have noticed one odd thing though which is that I ended up with slightly achey shoulders after wearing the bra one day. I’m not entirely sure why as it didn’t feel like there was excessive weight on my shoulders while I was wearing it, so it could be an anomaly, but it’s definitely worth mentioning. It might be because the cups have a small amount of stretch and the straps attach directly to the top of them rather than to the side sling which more evenly distributes the weight. Nevertheless, it was only after wear that I noticed this and it was only slight.

And finally, I just love their marketing video – check it out:

Sugar Candy Everyday Bra review - XS

The Sugar Candy Everyday Fuller Bust seamless bra is available to buy from Sugar Candy’s website (and at Cake Lingerie) at £39.90 in sizes XS to XXL – these sizes equate to 30-34 F-HH, 36-38 F-H, 40 F-GG & 42 F-G. Take a look at the size chart above to figure out what size you would take. It is available in black and beige, as well as a pink in the nursing bra version.

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  1. November 19, 2017 / 5:23 pm

    Looks fab, wish it came in Emerald <3

  2. Martha Smith
    December 18, 2017 / 5:54 pm

    I found you when I was searching the internet for bras for 28GG. I am a 28GG now. And I have to say, I am always looking out for a comfortable everyday bra and sports bra and I found my HOLY GRAIL . I am sharing because I think you’ll fall in love too. My bust is heavy and sensitive. I workout 6 days a week. Anyway, I LOVE the Brooks Moving Comfort EMBODY in 32G. (The 32 measurement is the under the arm pit circumference. Not the ribcage underbust. So the 32 G fits my 28GG boobs pefrectly ! I own 6 Embody and I wear them everyday and on weight lifting days. For cardio day I put a Brooks Jubralee in 32G over the top and I have zero bounce! When I am larger I layer a Shock Absorber Multi-Sport in 32 H over the top of my Embody. This is my HOLY GRAIL combo for burpees, running and HITT. I wear cotton/poly shirts with the Embody so the seams don’t show. You can’t wear thin “dri” wick 00% polyester without the lines showing. Unless you layer with the Brooks Jubralee or the Shock Absorber Multi-Sport for cardio days. Anyway, seriously, I don’t know you. But I share your pain. I LOVE the Brooks.

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