A Year in Lingerie: Our Favourite Bras of 2017

Big & Little Cup Review: Neon Moon Emerald Triangle Non Bra in size Gorgeous
Neon Moon Emerald Triangle Non Bra – a favourite for both Big & Little Cup!

2017 was an awesome year in lingerie for us, and we’re hoping 2018 will be even more so. We’ve got big plans for BCLC this year, so we wanted to kick off the year by looking back at some of our favourite pieces this year, and we’re taking it back to our roots by rounding up our favourite bras in 2017.

How can we include a round-up of our 2017 favourites without mentioning our all-time favourite brand? Neon Moon, with it’s message of body positivity and feminism, is the embodiment of everything we’re passionate about at Big Cup Little Cup! Our matching emerald green sets are the ultimate in comfort, and as you can probably tell, we LOVE to match! Especially when it’s accidental…

Keep your eyes peeled for more Neon reviews in 2018: there might have been a couple of sneaky purchases made in the last couple of months…

Big Cup

For me, this year marked me moving out of the comfort zone that I’d got into with bras. Since I was refit from the poorly sized 34Ds and 32DDs of my teenage years into a far more comfortable 28GG and 30G, I think I became a little too wary of stepping outside of my size zone in case I ended up back in uncomfortable and badly fitting bras – I was worried I would seem hypocritical recommending people find their best size then not wearing mine.

But this year, I stepped away from that fear and tried out a whole variety of new styles that I previously would have avoided like the plague. In fact, the bras that made my top list and most worn in 2017 are a mixture of sizes and styles.

Twisted Lingerie Xenia Classic set bra and knickers review - size medium
Twisted Lingerie Xenia bra

My first bra favourite of 2017 is the Twisted Lingerie Xenia bra, and it completely fits the “stepping out of my comfort zone” theme – it’s a soft cup with no underwire and a strappy neckline. And that’s exactly why I love it. It was a bold choice for me, but one that was much easier to make thanks to the excellent value of the set, particularly on Black Friday.

I love that they’re an independent brand based in the UK, but moreover, I love that this bra is a statement for me and one that is really comfortable and fun to wear. In fact, I love it so much that I bought another for my Secret Santa recipient!

Mimi Holliday Tilt-a-Whirl Maxi Bra Review: 32FF
Mimi Holliday Tilt-a-Whirl Maxi Bra

This bra again doesn’t fit my old style of wearing only sub-32 bands – I was extremely reluctant to size up to a 32 band once I’d been refit into 28s and 30s – but it is SO gorgeous. I’ve been a Mimi Holliday fan since I first discovered them back in 2013 before the blog even existed. I treated myself to one of their shoulder bras after an operation and have been hooked since then.

This bra is a 32FF and doesn’t fit me perfectly, but it’s on pretty much constant rotation in my wardrobe. I’m slightly embarrassed to tell you that I’ve definitely worn it more than one day in a row (whoops, bad lingerie blogger!) and I frequently wear it every other day and immediately when it comes out of the wash.

The pretty pastels in contrasting aqua blue and cotton candy pink just scream my name, as does the frilly lace and oh-so-delicate tulle. This is just my style wrapped up in a single bra.

Cleo Piper longline bra review 30GG
Cleo Piper longline bra

Okay, so I’m cheating just a little here – this is a bra I purchased at the end of 2016, but it came into its own in my bradrobe in 2017. I declared AW16 the season of the lace longline, but we saw this trend continue in 2017 (and hopefully 2018 – keep your eyes peeled for a couple of bras I currently have on order from Comexim!).

Cleo by Panache have long been, and will probably continue to be, my personal favourite larger scale UK fuller bust brand. Their bras for me are consistently good quality and a good fit and the designs are fun and playful.

And what’s interesting is that this is my only “true size” favourite bra on this list at a 30GG!

Little Cup

I feel like I’ve done incredibly well out of lingerie this year! I’ve been able to use the words ‘perfect fit’ and ‘favourite ever’ on a few occasions—and I’m going to justify having more than one favourite by splitting these into categories! We’ve also been fortunate enough to work with some really fantastic new brands, championing UK manufacturing, ethical practices and sustainability, which has been really exciting.

Favourite moulded cup

All Undone Mai bra review - 30D
All Undone Mai bra

With statements including ‘perfect fit’ and ‘favourite bra I’ve ever reviewed’, how could this bra fail to make the cut for 2017’s favourite little cup lingerie! Made in the UK in gorgeous, ethically sourced silks, All Undone create beautiful pieces in clean, contemporary designs. If it wasn’t already a given already, I would be including this set for it’s luxurious qualities in combinations with wearability—a stunning silk set so comfortable it can be worn every day, in colours that can be worn under anything!

Favourite Soft Cup

Chamade Avocado bra review - 70C
Chamade Avocado bra

My first trial at Polish brand ‘Avocado’ turned into my favourite soft cup bra! As a fuller-on-the-bottom little cup, I struggle to find soft cups that don’t gape in the cups. This balcony design in delicately-lined lace gives me a perfect fit. I also appreciate the lack of bows. I seem to have gone off bows in 2017. Maybe they’ll make a comeback for 2018. Who knows…

Favourite Crop Top / Bralette

Lara Intimates Crop Top
Lara Intimates Crop Top

Lara Intimates is probably my favourite picks for new designers to the Land of Lingerie in the UK: I’m so excited to try more pieces as the grow their collection! My trip to their lovely studio in Soho was a wine and lingerie filled delight, and their beautiful crop top was just the icing on the cake. 2017 has seen us review quite a number of Bralette styles, and although this design is technically a crop top, I’m giving it the crown for everything non-underwired. Thoroughly deserved!





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