Guest Cup in the Bella di Notte Sale

“You know what Charley, you’re right. Bras that fit properly aren’t uncomfortable.”

Some of the first auspicious words to be spoken in 2014. Welcome, readers, to the Year of the Bra …

The Bible according to Big Cup

This is the first in our series of Guest Cup posts, although it isn’t proper guest-cupping. The set in this post was bought and modelled by Eve, Little Cup’s sister: the first official convert to the Bible According to Big Cup.

It all began the day after Boxing Day, when a wondrous thing fell through the letter box and landed on the doormat still stained with the overindulgent goose-fat and plentiful port of the past Christmas days. The Brochure was from Bella di Notte. And that beautiful four-letter word, which every young girl dreams of hearing, was emblazoned on the front, in large letters of a lusty red.


And, since I’m a proper lingerie blogger now, I gathered my female family into the car, and off we went, to plunder the cheap goodies on offer.

I’d never shopped in Bella di Notte before, although it’s a firm fave with my Mum (probably something to do with the fact that they offer everything in nude tones, and she always appreciates a label which reads ‘100%’ as long as it isn’t followed by ‘synthetic’). I believe they sell mostly by mail order, but the factory is in a town nearby, and there’s a small factory shop attached to it.









Bella di Notte - Big Cup Little Cup review










Although there was a joyously stuffed rail  of undergarments, there wasn’t anything on offer in my size, so I set my new-found-skills to hunting out something for my mum or sister instead. Luckily for me, I already knew which sizes they were, since my own newly acquired lingerie has regularly been going on walkabout, and they’ve let me know how well, or how not well, it fits them …

So I knew that Eve was probably a 30C, and low-and-behold, there was a single set in that very size, which I snaffled from the rails as soon as I saw it, batting away the eager hands of many-a-shopper behind me. Once in the changing room, Eve inevitably tried to insist that the band was too tight (she’s another casualty of the highstreet-band-era) but I calmly assured her that it wasn’t, and that she’s meant to wear it on the loosest hook until it starts stretching with use.

 Bella di Notte. Marie Jo Mauro in Orient Blue.

The Marie-Jo ‘Mauro’ in blue orient. Eve wears a 30C.

The set is so modest and simple, with just a touch of retro-chic! The straps and edging are very gently ruched, and the polka-dots give it a gorgeous 50s feel. I especially like the way that the bow on the gauze matches the bow on the pants, but on the knickers it’s slightly off-centre. But the best bit of all? It was originally priced at £69, reduced to £29, with the matching knickers thrown in for free!

Bella di Notte. Marie Jo Mauro in Orient Blue.

The real WOWZA moment came when we realised the straps were multifunctional. They unclip in the same way some bikini bands do, and can be reattached to make it into a racer-back. We realised you could also use it as a one shouldered bra (although you’re probably not strictly meant to), since the bra itself is so well made it doesn’t budge even with only one strap attached.

Bella di Notte. Marie Jo Mauro in Orient Blue.

Bella di Notte. Marie Jo Mauro in Orient Blue.

Not quite so interesting, but worth a mention, is the vests that Bella di Notte sell. They are absolutely GORGEOUS, and so comfortable. I managed to snag this lovely purple one for £6 down from £29! As it’s 100% cotton (thought I’d throw that in for mother dearest) it’s really comfortable, and doesn’t feel like it’ll fall apart in the first wash like most of my cheapo vests do. It fits kind of like an empire-line would, but still snug around the tummy. I have a feeling it’s going to have a lot of use under tops that are a bit see-through, that I’d usually wear a bandeau under. But this is a lot more comfortable, won’t slip down through the day as I often find bandeaus do, and will keep me warmer during the winter! I don’t know the style since the label has been cut out (?), but there are lots of similar ones still on the Bella di Notte website.

Bella di Notte vest

Bella di Notte vest











Lace and cotton vest in a size 8.

We hope you’re all reaping the benefits of the January sales too! 🙂

Big thanks to Eve, our almost-first-guest-cupper, who’s kind donation of her boobs made this post this possible.




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  1. January 6, 2014 / 1:44 pm

    Ahh, how I used to laugh at Momma K’s lacy thermal vests…
    My mum used to stock BDN in her York shop, and at age 11 I really thought they were some of the ugliest/funniest vest I had ever seen! Fast forward 9 years and I was begging her to take me to the very same sale 2/3 years ago.
    Pretty, comfy and WARM, you just cant beat their thermals. Slightly pricey for me, but worth it. Their ‘trouser briefs’ are also a winner, huge and unsightly, but the comfiest knickers you will EVER experience.
    Nice post girls!
    Katy x

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