Panache Andorra Plunge Review: 28H

Panache Andorra Blue

Yet another Panache outlet bra review! This time up it’s the Panache Andorra Plunge in a 28H – the bra also comes as a full cup, plus about a bazillion different colours, but in general I tend to prefer lower gores thanks to my wonky ribcage. This is another of those type of bras that I’ve had recommended to me in the past, but I’ve looked at pictures of it online and didn’t think I liked it…that was until I tried it on and discovered that it’s one of the most beautiful bras I’ve worn. These pictures again don’t show off how lovely it actually is! But onto the proper review:

Appearance & Shape



IMG_1158As I said before, this bra is gorgeous. The lace is very pretty and delicate, not to mention it’s stretch lace on the top which gives me a really good fit (more on that below). It’s fairly obvious that the cups are soft – the bottom half is lined, whereas the top half is a more “sheer” kind of lace. The gore is also made out of the same lace (although I’d managed to get mine folded under in the pictures, oops!). It has the very typical bow on the gore too, and the gore itself sits nice and low on me – definitely one of the better plunges in this size range, as these can often be as high as a balcony’s gore might be in a smaller size! The delicate lace on it, plus the blue colour, remind me a little of one of my favourite Mimi Holliday bras (the Woozie shoulder bra), and that must be a good thing, since that one’s far more expensive and has a lot less support!
Thanks to the stretch lace, the shape is fairly natural but still has a good amount of lace. It’s not hugely rounded, but there’s enough support for me.
I just want to also add that the colour of this bra (Caribbean Blue apparently) is just as bright as it appears in these pictures! It’s very vibrant and fun, which I really like for this bra, although it’s not exactly subtle under lighter clothing! It is available in loads of other colours though too.

Sizing, Fit & Comfort


IMG_1125I think these pictures don’t make the bra come across as fitting me as well as it does – it’s always hard to capture in pictures! The wires, although they look slightly distorted here and as though they’re giving me a bit of a dimple, are actually the perfect width for me.
This bra, like my Panache Melody, is a 28H, whereas I tend to think of myself as a 28GG – whether that’s just that I’ve grown recently or that this bra runs slightly smaller, I can’t really tell right now. The band is spot on for me – I’m able to fasten it on the loosest hooks comfortably. It has 3 rows of 2 hooks, so that’s a bit of a downfall for me since I prefer the wider ones usually, but I think it does add to the delicateness and daintiness (those are totally words…) of the bra. The straps are only half adjustable, so may be a problem for smaller ladies than me (I’m 5’7 for reference with an average torso length).
As I mentioned before, the cups are made from a lovely stretch lace which is why this bra is often recommended for ladies who are more full on top (like me), or who often have size fluctuations. From wearing this bra, I can say that’s a very good recommendation as the stretch lace is a perfect fit on me, no quadding and no gaping whatsoever.
I find this bra really comfortable to wear – it’s one of my go-tos now for days when I just want something easy and more natural looking to wear, especially if my ribs are feeling particularly sore that day.

The Panache Andorra Plunge is available to buy at Bare Necessities in 30-38 D to G, although it is available (obviously based on this review) in a much larger size range at various independent and smaller places. It’s been around for a long time so quite often pops up on bra swap/selling groups too.





  1. February 12, 2015 / 1:23 pm

    Great review!
    I think sometimes the Andorra in the plunge style gets overlooked a little 🙁 and yet it’s a great bra for those with a fuller under-bust and slightly shallower upper-bust. You’re right about it running small in the cup both the plunge and the full cup tend to come up smaller in the cup than other Panache styles. I look forward to following your future reviews.
    Kath x

    • admin
      February 12, 2015 / 1:30 pm

      Hi Kath,

      Thanks for stopping by to comment 🙂 I definitely think it’s a bit overlooked – I’ve seen a lot more around about the full cup than the plunge, but I definitely prefer the look of the plunge. That’s good to know that it does run a bit small in the cup – I’ve been having a bit of size identity crisis recently, trying to figure out whether I’m really a 28H or not, but I think at the moment I’m going to stick to 28GG as my core size, and go off that 🙂

      Sian xx

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