Scantilly Heart Throb Bra Review – 32HH

Hey! It’s been a little while since I last posted, but I have a good excuse! Emmy arrived at the beginning of March, but we spent a bit of time in hospital and are now settling back at home on my maternity leave now her daddy has finished his paternity leave, meaning I’ve got a bit of time to myself during daytime naps…hence jumping onto some bra reviews! If you want to read more about Emmy’s arrival, head over to my personal blog – I’m sharing lots of new parenting posts there.

In the weeks before Emmy was born, I received a couple of bras from J D Williams to review. As you might remember, I was getting pretty bored of the few maternity bras I had, and underwires on my old bras were digging into my bump, so I was really wanting to get back into normal bras. This review opportunity gave me the chance to upgrade to a couple of larger size bras, including one from a brand that I wouldn’t have been able to try before. That review is coming soon, but today I’m looking at the Scantilly Heart Throb bra.

[GIFTED] The Scantilly Heart Throb bra was gifted to me for review by J D Williams in a 32HH. It’s available in sizes 30DD to 40HH.

Scantilly Heart Throb Bra Review - 32HH
Scantilly Heart Throb Bra Review - 32HH

Shape & Appearance

The Scantilly Heart Throb bra is a wonderfully unique fuller bust bra. If you haven’t come across the Scantilly brand before, they’re owned by Curvy Kate, a very successful and cute fuller bust brand, and this is their newer and more risqué sister brand. This means that they have very good experience in designing for ladies with large cup sizes, and the Scantilly line allows them to branch out into more creative and fun designs.

The Heart Throb bra has a one of a kind neckline that you don’t normally see in bras that come above a DD cup. The lower cup is made out of a black mesh that looks almost dotted, and is divided into 3 sections with vertical seams, meaning it has a good cup depth. The upper cup, however, is a see through mesh with tattoo-esque embroidery, including delicate red petals, that join at the centre of your collarbone with a ring. The straps then extend halterneck style over the shoulders. This leaves a keyhole plunging neckline at the centre. This crossover style is really unusual for bras in this size range and it’s lovely to have this option!

The bra fastens at the back with 3 rows of 3 hooks and has part way adjustable straps. The hooks, eyes, sliders and rings are all a pretty rose gold which complements the rest of the bra perfectly.

Scantilly Heart Throb Bra Review - 32HH
Scantilly Heart Throb Bra Review - 32HH
Scantilly Heart Throb Bra Review - 32HH

Size, Fit & Comfort

I was worried about what the fit would be like for this bra, considering how entirely different it is from the normal bras I wear. On top of that, my bra size is kind of all over the place right now – it changes even between feeds!

To be completely honest, I haven’t really worn this bra properly yet. When it arrived, the band was far too tight – I was measuring around a 32 band at the end of pregnancy but wearing 34s for comfort, but this wouldn’t even nearly do up! When I wore it for this photo, I was wearing an extender to make it fit. I’d say it measures more accurately as closer to a 30 band. The cups were a good fit though. I wore it for a full day (with the extender) a week or so before giving birth and it was very comfortable – I wore it with a lower neckline top to show off the detail.

The band now fits me perfectly at 3 weeks postpartum on the loosest hooks, but the problem is that now it doesn’t work well for breastfeeding – argh! Nevertheless, it’s still a very good fit and feels comfortable for the short times I’ve worn it. The cups are deep enough to work for me, I don’t have any gaping and I don’t have any digging – I imagine it’s a difficult one to get to fit, but it works brilliantly for me.

So in terms of fit, I’d say to be wary with this one – maybe go up a band size but stick to your normal cup size, particularly if you’re between band sizes as I am right now – somewhere between a 30 and 32 band.



  1. March 29, 2019 / 7:36 pm

    Congratulations <3 Glad you're both well and settled in at home. Thanks for the review, this bra is certainly different. I love the combination of grey and red though. The fabric on the upper part of the cup is interesting, is it a mesh fabric because it looks almost non existent.

  2. April 28, 2019 / 2:12 pm

    Hello it’s nice to meet everyone. I love lingerie too. Especially nighties and Teddy’s. Have since forever and I definitely salute this site and all the great work you do raising awareness on how ladies can be so beautiful in such glamorous clothing.

  3. Dom
    May 17, 2019 / 12:17 pm

    Wow what a sexy bra and you look stunning in it.

    Please post more reviews missing reading the regular posts you used to do.

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