Big & Little Cup Review: Ewa Michalak Syrena – 65G and 70D

Ewa Michalak Syrena bra review Ewa Michalak Syrena bra review Ewa Michalak Syrena bra review Ewa Michalak Syrena bra review

First things first: MERMAID BRAS!! Now on with the post…

One of our favourite kind of posts to feature on BCLC is a “Big & Little Cup Review” in which we show how a specific bra style fits at two different points on the scale – our Panache Sports bra post is a perfect example of this. So when we opened a parcel from Zathiya recently that held the same bra (in slightly different styles, more on this in a minute), we knew we just had to do another double review post!
Zathiya are an awesome US based company who we’re always very happy to feature because they do something that very few places do: offer a collection of lingerie from European brands. This may not seem all that out there, but bear in mind that brands such as Ewa Michalak and Comexim (who we featured on behalf of Zathiya last year) are becoming more popular stateside particularly among ladies who need narrower wires and more cup depth, but often incur heavy shipping charges and customs fees. Zathiya takes out all the hassle of this by selecting specific ranges and stocking them for US customers so they don’t have to pay as much or worry about shipping. While we’re not US based, we do have a large US readership so we love to share this “secret” with our readers!
We recently wrote about the trend for mermaid inspired lingerie this season, so we were thrilled to discover that our parcel from Zathiya included the Syrena sets for both of us – the S version in a 65G for Sian, the M in a 70D for Charley. The cuts are slightly different for each but we’re very happy to own matching sets of underwear!

Zathiya Ewa Michalak S Syrena 65G Zathiya Ewa Michalak S Syrena 65G Zathiya Ewa Michalak S Syrena 65G Zathiya Ewa Michalak S Syrena 65G

Sian: S Syrena 65G

I already own a few Ewa Michalak bras including the CHP Owoce Lesne I reviewed here and the Nina Sleep Top reviewed here, as well as a couple of others, all either CHP or S cuts. In fact, there was a sneaky look at the S Diament bra in this post, but not a full review! All my current Ewa Michalaks fit excellently in a 65G, so I didn’t hesitate over choosing this size again.
The S cut is a padded balconette bra with a medium height gore (higher than a plunge, but not as high as other bras I own that claim to be balconettes such as the Panache Rhapsody). The S is designed more for a medium to large bust, while Charley’s M version (see more explanation below) is designed for smaller busts. The effect of the S shape bra is to pull the bust inwards and upwards, providing optimum support and uplift, hence why it is such a popular design among larger busted women. It gives a very rounded shape with a slight “peak” at the apex as well as a not insubstantial amount of cleavage!
The S Syrena in a 65G has half adjustable straps and 4 sets of 2 hooks – this is fairly unusual as you tend to find 3+ hooks in this size range, but also it has a larger range of adjustment in having 4 sets of hooks to choose from. I’m currently on the loosest hooks and finding them comfortable. I tend to liken Ewa Michalak’s 65 bands to somewhere between a UK 28 and 30 band – a 29 you might say!
Zathiya Ewa Michalak S Syrena 65G Zathiya Ewa Michalak S Syrena 65G Zathiya Ewa Michalak S Syrena 65G Zathiya Ewa Michalak S Syrena 65G

The bra comes with removable push up pads for asymmetry, and for these photos I’ve left them in. To be honest, I usually remove them in the other Ewa bras I own, but this time I’ve left them in – I really like the uplifted effect in this bra! The cups are spot on with the removable pads in, a bit roomier without, but may be better for particular times of the month. The wires are also spot on – nice and narrow. I’ve discovered recently that I need narrower wires than I previously thought – I’m not sure if this is due to me not realising my breast root shape properly before or tissue migration – I’m never sure if this is real or myth, but apparently wearing an incorrectly sized bra for a long time can push breast tissue away from where it should be, ie. under the arms. Then over time as you wear your correct size, you “train” this tissue back into place. Based on my experience, it could be true as I’ve found my cup size has increased slowly since I’ve started wearing better bra sizes, and I’m wondering if the need for narrower wires now is due to that too? Nevertheless, these wires and the projection of the cup fit me really well.
I took the briefs in a size 38 and they’re really comfortable. This equates to around a UK size 10, but I’d say they fit more like a UK size 12. Nevertheless, I really like wearing them as a matching set and because the rise on them is slightly higher than most knickers I own meaning they’re super easy to wear.
It’s the details in this set that really make it. “Syrena” seems to be the Polish word for Mermaid, and this really rings true for the bra. The colour is definitely an ethereal ocean colour, with sea green foam and deep navy blue eyelash lace (SO pretty!). Ewa has also decorated the bra with super big fuschia ribbon bows, on the gore, straps and back of the briefs. And true to form, we decided to do “mermaid” pictures – please pretend that you don’t know that’s a fleecy dressing gown wrapped around my legs and is actually a mermaid tail (please don’t spoil Charley’s illusions!).

Mermaid bra - Ewa Michalak S Syrena 65G

Charley: M Syrena 70D

Ewa Michalak Syrena bra review

Ewa Michalak Syrena bra review

The M cut is a new one from Ewa Michalak – the translation of the Polish explanation of the style seems to describe a bra that is a ‘stiffened’ plunge for smaller breasts with subtly highlighted cup peaks. You can definitely see the difference between the M & S on us—Sian has considerably more coverage, and more uplift, but we have to give at least part credit to Sian’s own body on that score…

The cut on the M Syrena does seem to differ slightly from the CHP cappuccino and Biustonosz, which I have tried and reviewed in the past. You can tell on the photos that the gore is far lower than on the S cut, and that the cups are cut far lower. I know that this is technically described as a ‘stiffened plunge’, but personally I’d be more inclined to term this a half cup. It doesn’t quite have that dramatic ‘plunge’ that a ‘plunge’ has (there really is no other way to put it other than just saying ‘plunge’ twice!) It create a nice shape, more projected than I have had from other bras, although doesn’t give the same uplift as Sian in the M (again, let’s give biology some of the credit here also). I generally fit a 30D in UK sizing, and the 70D weighs in pretty perfectly on me. However, I would say that 70D is technically around a 31D – in between a 30 and 32 band, with a D cup). I have noticed that the band has a little less give than I’m used to; this isn’t a problem, since the band fits me perfectly on the loosest set of hooks right now, but it’s something to bare in mind if you’re between band sizes—you might want to consider erring on the side of caution and going with the larger band size. The removable pads give a very good fit in the cups for me, but without it is very much on the roomy side of fitting. You can see a little gaping on the photos at a certain angle, but this isn’t anything out of the ordinary for me in this style of bra.

Ewa Michalak Syrena bra review Ewa Michalak Syrena bra review Ewa Michalak Syrena bra review Ewa Michalak Syrena bra reviewEwa Michalak Syrena bra review

I feel like the M has one major advantage over the S, and that is in the appearance. The blue lace overlay stretches over the whole cup in S, and results in a super pretty eyelash detailing along the top of the cup. I LOVE it. Sian has already had the pleasure of screaming ‘MERMAID!’, but I need to reiterate that point. MERMAID! I mean, you really can’t look at this design without thinking it: the shimmering green and deep sea blue; it all combines to make you feel exactly like Ariel as you swan about your day. I enjoy the detail of fuchsia bows, but my one criticism of the design would be that I think it a little OVERbowed. One on each of the straps, a big one on the gore, two on the front of the briefs, and one on the back. I won’t go to the lengths of explaining exactly the analogy my boyfriend made when passing his judgement on this set, but involved a story about a girl who puts on this set for a night out because it’s both comfortable and pretty, and at first sight it’s great, but then—ALL THE BOWS! And it makes him think of a little girl party dress. And at this point I hit him round the head and scream MERMAID in his face again, and he realises how little his opinion matters.

Having said that, his comments did make me think twice about the number of bows.

The Boy was right about one thing though—it is both comfortable and pretty. It feels a little like a special occasion, wearing this set. I have to give a special mention to the briefs, which I adore. I think they’re beautifully designed and fit like an utter dream.

Mermaid bra - Ewa Michalak Syrena

Mermaid bra - Ewa Michalak Syrena

The Syrena bras are both available to buy at Ewa Michalak, the M cut is 169zl (around £30) and the S cut is 199zl (around £35). For those based in the US, you can get the S cut at Zathiya for $58.
My Fashion Insider has also reviewed this in a 65F.

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  1. February 23, 2016 / 3:58 pm

    You girls look superb in these mermaid bras! <3 I agree, the bra makes me feel like Ariel…it's the most gorgeous bra in my "bra-drobe"

    The panties look awesome, I love the bow at the back! <3

    I happen to adooore the big bows…and my boyfriend loves them too hahaha (but I don't have the matching panties!)

    kiss kiss
    My Fashion Insider

  2. February 24, 2016 / 12:38 am

    I actually like the overbowedness of this bra. Lol. I think it’s interesting to see how the two cuts differ, and how they are designed for the different bust size ranges. Thank you both for this review.

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