Figleaves Nursing Bra Haul & Video – 34H

It’s time for not one, not two, not even three – no, in fact FOUR reviews in one post! Today I’ve got a nursing and maternity bra haul from Figleaves which features 4 different styles to fit my current 34H bust size at 35-36 weeks pregnant. I’ve shared a couple of other nursing bra reviews on the blog earlier in my pregnancy with a Royce Lingerie Blossom Bra review in 32G/GG/H at 22 weeks and a Cake Maternity Frosted Parfait Flexi Wire bra review in 32H at 23 weeks. This was a good size range and comfortable for me up until around 3 or 4 weeks ago, right around the time I hit the third trimester, when I realised 32 bands and underwires were really starting to bother my rib cage, so it was time to move on.

And…eek! I’ve decided to take these reviews to a new level and include a video showing the bras in more detail than just normal photos would do. Of course, there is an in depth review and more photos for each bra below, so feel free to scroll past the video if you prefer! Let me know if this is something you like seeing and I’ll try to incorporate videos in my reviews more often if I can.

The bras in this post were gifted by Figleaves.

Figleaves Juliette Lace Non Wired Nursing Bra – 34H

This is actually my third bra from Figleaves’ Juliette collection, so I must be a fan of the range! Back in early pregnancy, when I was still wanting normal bras with wires, but just in my newer size, I reviewed the padded and non-padded lace Juliette bras here. The Juliette seems to be a very versatile collection with everything from basic bras and longlines from A-GG cups, the nursing bra I’ve featured here from D-H cups and even basque options from A-GG cups, all with matching briefs.

Figleaves Juliette Lace Non Wired Nursing Bra - 34H

The Juliette nursing bra is probably the prettiest of the 4 bras I received in this haul, at least in my opinion, due to its pretty peachy pink shade and lace overlay cups. The actual main frame of the bra has a crop top bralette appearance in a silky smooth stretch fabric rather than having individual seamed cups. Over the top are triangle style cups which have two seams rather than the single vertical seam you’d normally find in a triangle cup, meaning they fit over a larger cup size better. If the main fabric of the bra matched your skin tone well enough, this could almost look like a lace triangle bralette!

The only tiny issue I have with the bra is that the bow at the centre shows up really easily through clothing, mostly likely because it’s not wired so it doesn’t have a gore that sits against your chest like a normal bra. Not a huge issue, but if you’re looking for a seamless look under tight clothing, this won’t have it.

I chose this bra in a 34H – quite a step up from my pre-pregnancy 28GG! At 35 weeks, I’d say my best fit would probably be somewhere between a 32H and a 34GG. I’m occasionally struggling with 32 bands, particularly when I’m sat down and Little Miss decides she quite likes being under my rib cage, so even though I’m not quite measuring as a 34 band, that’s what seems to be most comfortable for me right now. It fastens with 4 sets of hooks at the back, meaning you can start on tighter hooks – as I’m on most of the time – and expand when necessary, or tighten again after giving birth.
In terms of cups, since this bra doesn’t have that defined cup section and has lovely stretchy fabric, it works well across a range of cup sizes. It’s a teeny bit on the large side for me currently, but I’m planning my bradrobe in terms of breastfeeding in a few short weeks when I imagine my cup size will be bigger and fluctuating. The stretchy fabric will be wonderful and very forgiving for this.

Figleaves Juliette Lace Non Wired Nursing Bra - 34H

It’s a very comfortable bra, both in terms of the fabric which is soft and essentially seamless on the inside, and in terms of support. The band is wide and smooth against my skin, and it provides enough support without a high level of lift for me. It’s comfortable but not restrictive with a fairly relaxed fit – exactly what I want right now!

The Juliette Lace Non Wired Nursing Bra is available from Figleaves for £26 (click here and use code NEW20 for 20% off until 4th February 2019 to reduce this to £20.80!) in sizes 32-38 D-H.

The robe featured in these photos was also gifted by Figleaves  – for my wedding last year! You can see a post all about it here.

Figleaves Nursing Bralette – 34H

Figleaves Nursing Bralette - 34H

The Figleaves Nursing Bralette is another very pretty piece of lingerie while still being very functional. Again, instead of defined cups, this bralette has more of a bandeau shape with gathers below each cup area to create the necessary room. Like the Juliette nursing bra above, this bralette has a ton of stretch in the cup area meaning it will be very flexible and forgiving as I head into the final weeks of pregnancy and the weeks immediately afterwards when my size will be all over the place.

Figleaves Nursing Bralette - 34H

Where the previous nursing bra has a lace overlay, this has a lace underlay. A gorgeous scalloped lace design peeks above the top of the bandeau top of the bralette, but also continues down into the body of the bra – when the cups are detached using the nursing clips at the bottom of the strap, you can see the lace frame on the inside which helps to maintain the structure while nursing. This lace is, fortunately, very soft against the skin and doesn’t bother me at all. The only problem I’ve noticed I might have is that when I detach and reattach the straps, it takes a bit of manoeuvring to get the lace to lay straight and flat again. Right now it’s not an issue, but when I’m nursing, it might be.

Currently the 34H is a little too big in the cup on me, but only just – I’m imagining it’ll be super comfortable with its smooth stretch fabric when my cup size increases again, with plenty of room to grow.

The black Nursing Bralette is available from Figleaves for £24 (click here and use code NEW20 for 20% off until 4th February 2019 to reduce this to £19.20) in sizes 32-38 D-H.

Hotmilk Show Off Non Wired Nursing Bra – 34H

This is the only bra from my haul that isn’t from Figleaves’ own brand – in fact, it’s by Hotmilk, a brand that have been on my radar since before I was even pregnant. Since I knew pregnancy was probably in the plan for me, and that there are very few brands that offer larger cup sizes and smaller band sizes in maternity or nursing bras, I’d been keeping an eye out for a while! Fortunately it turns out the smaller band hasn’t been an issue for me as I’ve expanded in the ribs, but larger cups are still a little tricky to find.

The Show Off is a non-wired nursing bra, but it has more of a “real” bra shape than the others in this haul, with properly defined cups outlined by what would be a wire casing in a normal bra and a cup split into three parts. The wire casing around the outer edge of the cup does add an extra level of support that the others don’t have, as does the seamed cup. It’s a full coverage balconette style bra, meaning the top of the cups come up high on my chest and don’t show much cleavage – probably useful when you’re breastfeeding! The cups do have a small amount of stretch meaning that they’ll be useful as I continue to grow in cup size, but not quite as much as the two bras above.

This bra fastens at the back with 6 rows of eyes, meaning it’s far more versatile than the others I’ve shown which have fewer than this. I’d imagine it would be a good one to purchase in a band size or two bigger around 20-25 weeks of pregnancy to see you through to the end or into nursing. I’m personally on the middle or second loosest set of hooks, depending on the day, so I have a little room to grow still but can tighten later on if need be.

Hotmilk Show Off Non Wired Nursing Bra - 34H

In terms of appearance, it’s another pretty bra that uses lace to give it a hint of femininity rather than just functionality. Below the scalloped lace on the top half of the cups, which I think has a bit of an art deco vibe, is a layer of pale pink fabric which acts almost as a nude on my skin tone, making it appear as though the lace lays directly on the skin – a very nice effect.

Hotmilk Show Off Non Wired Nursing Bra - 34H
Hotmilk Show Off Non Wired Nursing Bra - 34H

The Hotmilk Show Off Non Wired Nursing Bra is available from Figleaves for £39.95 (click here and use code NEW20 for 20% off until 4th February 2019 to reduce this bra to £31.96) in sizes 32-38 D-H.

Figleaves Comfort Sleep Bra – 34

Figleaves Comfort Sleep Bra - 34

This is the odd bra out in this haul as it’s not technically a nursing or maternity bra but functions pretty well as one in my opinion! It doesn’t have nursing clips on the straps, nor can you really call it a bra as it doesn’t have defined cups or fastenings. Instead, it’s more of a comfy but sporty bralette style.

I’d been craving something like this for a while now – something very stretchy and comfortable with no frills, no lace, just something basic that I can wear for days when my body is just feeling achey and bothered all over. And it works so well for this!

Again, I haven’t actually used this for nursing yet so I can’t say whether or not it will work well, but due to the high level of stretch in the jersey fabric, it looks like it will be easy to pull down or to the side to do so.

It’s only a single layer of a fairly thin jersey fabric, so isn’t anything special or fancy – in fact, it’s a little see through where it’s stretched tighter but I don’t find this to be an issue. It gives a very relaxed shape in the cups, which have a single curved vertical seam across the centre and meet with a faux wrap style with a seam at the centre front.

Figleaves Comfort Sleep Bra - 34

It’s a funny one in terms of sizing as it only gives a numerical size – 32 to 46. I decided to choose based on my current band size – 34 – and to hope that the cups would fit, and they do! There’s plenty of stretch so I think it could work anywhere from a 34D/DD up to a 34HH/J potentially – although take the sizes at either end of this scale with a pinch of salt! The guide on the site says to take the 34 band as equivalent to a UK size 12 which sounds about right to me right now. I think I’d have found the band size too big when I wore a 30 band, but as a 32/34, it works excellently.

Honestly, this is so comfortable and just about my favourite thing to wear right now! Plus it’s only £15 – I’m thinking of getting more in different colours!

The Comfort Sleep bra is available from Figleaves for £15 (click here and use code NEW20 for 20% off until 4th February 2019 to reduce this bra to £12) in sizes 32-46.


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