Fairytale Inspired Lingerie: Beauty & the Beast

Lingerie really lends itself to fairytales. There’s a huge amount of creativity that goes into both lingerie design, the folk tales of days gone by and the modern day recreations of these we see in art, on stage and on screen. Fairytales are whimsical and fanciful; lingerie often is too. Take those frills, the seams, the embroidery – they’re reminiscent of the fancy and frills of the myths that have been handed down the generations.

I keep lists of lingerie I love, all categorised into different themes – celestial, velvet, Halloween, retro and more. I started to notice a common theme popping up though – I was starting to relate specific sets and pieces back to my favourite fables. And so, today we’re beginning a bit of a series on the blog – lingerie inspired by fairytales. First up: Beauty and the Beast.

Beauty and the Beast is a very accessible fairytale right now for everyone, what with the two Disney versions, one of which is very recent and features Emma Watson so is right at the forefront of the media, even as it comes up to two years old. The original tale is almost 300 years old now, so it really has stood the test of time – let’s just say it’s a tale as old as time (I couldn’t help it!). As with most modern adaptations of fairytales, the original is far darker, with jealous siblings and a harsher curse imposed by a spurned fairy.

Our lingerie picks fall more on the side of the Disney movies, with choices inspired by the costumes and outfits from the animated cartoon and real life version of the film, including Belle’s Christmas outfit, her ballgown and even some of the icons of the storyline.

The Golden Ballgown

Belle’s Christmas Outfit

“Village” Belle

Red Rose

The Heavens Ceiling

Babette (Feather Duster)


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